Why Your Boiler Combustion Chamber Needs Periodic Relining

boiler-combustion-repairWe get asked all of the time about ways to extend the life and enhance the performance of commercial and industrial boiler equipment. One of the best pieces of advice we can give is that maintenance is key. Reactive maintenance, or addressing an issue after you’ve noticed a problem, is never ideal. If you really want to take good care of your boiler, you’ll pay attention to its every component. One boiler component that is often overlooked is your boiler combustion chamber. Although it plays a critical role in the combustion process, chances are you haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves.

Boiler Combustion Chamber Function and Construction

Your boiler’s combustion chamber is designed to withstand some seriously high temperatures of up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. These chambers also hold heat between firings, so that once you start up your boiler, it won’t have to work as hard to generate the same amount of heat. The refractory material lining the combustion chamber will insulate the heat from the last firing. boiler-metersIf your boiler’s refractory is working as it should, it will save you on fuel costs. Most chambers are lined with refractory materials in the form of ceramics that have higher melting points than metal. Your boiler repair professional should inspect your combustion chamber lining upon every visit to make sure that it is in good shape.

Relining Your Boiler’s Combustion Chamber

Although your combustion chamber and the refractory material inside it are engineered to withstand some intense heat and pressure, there may be damage or other issues with the refractory or boiler combustion chamber that lead to suboptimal performance. In fact, refractory issues are one of the leading causes of boiler shutdowns. There are both visual and symptomatic signs that a boiler’s combustion chamber may need to be relined with new refractory: cracks, holes, and thinning are all signs that the refractory’s lifespan is just about through. Relining your boiler’s combustion chamber will promote insulation and bring fuel efficiency back to where it needs to be to keep your boiler firing strong.

Schedule an Appointment with a Professional

Be proactive with your boiler maintenance and schedule an appointment with a service professional to see if your boiler combustion chamber might not be performing its best. You don’t want to wait until your boiler performance gets sluggish or you experience a shutdown. The technicians at Manley’s Boiler can perform a thorough inspection of your boiler combustion chamber and make recommendations about maintenance or repairs. Our team is also available 24/7 to respond to emergencies.