Why You Should Invest in a Portable Boiler Rental


We know what you’re probably thinking: if I’ve already invested in purchasing an industrial boiler, why should I also invest in a portable boiler rental? Here at Manley’s Boiler, we are well-versed in all of the equipment and technology a company should have on-hand, and we know that in a pinch, a portable boiler can be incredibly handy—and in some cases, completely indispensable. The best companies are prepared for anything, and having a portable boiler rental will allow you to keep up with business equipment needs as they arise.


Portable Boiler Rental Basics

A portable boiler features all the necessary parts and functions to perform similarly to a standard boiler that you would rent or purchase. Portable boilers have the same quality burners, feedwater treatments, and storage and pumping mechanisms that a regular boiler offers on a larger scale. However, the main difference, as their name implies, is that portable boilers are packaged as a single unit and allow for easy exterior hookup, meaning they can be easily moved on trailers and operated on or off the trailer once they arrive at their destination. Because they are easy to transport, a portable boiler rental from Manley’s also means that we can service you and your company quickly and efficiently, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Benefits of a Portable Boiler Rental

portable boiler rentalA portable boiler allows your company to maintain steam or hot water service if your boiler is being serviced for maintenance or if it has malfunctioned. Portable boilers are perfect for temporary projects that may be taking place off-site, away from your facilities, or if you are facing a natural disaster, but still need to maintain standard operations. Reliable, powerful, and easy to hook up, a portable boiler may be key in preventing an emergency.

Assistance with Your Portable Boiler

If all of this still sounds complicated, don’t worry. You’ll be in the best hands with the boiler professionals at Manley’s. We can be at your door any time of day to make sure your company’s equipment is operating safely and securely. You can trust our crew to make your emergency our priority and we will offer support from the moment you call. Call us today to talk more about how we can help your company prepare with a portable boiler that fits your needs.