Why a Steam Boiler Rental Is Your Best Fit

steam boiler repair

We get it: once you start looking at industrial boilers to buy or rent, you realize that there are a ton of options on the market. Purchase or lease, hot water or steam, and countless manufacturers and equipment with endless specs, warranties, and details to sift through. Manley’s Boiler is here to keep options streamlined and simple. If you’re looking at a new boiler for your facility, here are a few reasons that a steam boiler rental may be the best fit for you:

The Flexibility of a Rental Boiler

Purchasing a boiler is a huge commitment, and we understand if you and your company may not be fully prepared to invest in an item that you’ll have for the better part of a decade or longer. Here at Manley’s Boiler, industrial steam boiler rental is a big part of what we do, and our team is ready to talk to you about why renting might make sense for you. Renting a boiler takes some of the pressure off of the big decision to purchase a piece of equipment. We stand by the brands we carry, but renting a boiler will give you a chance to experience the quality first hand, without taking the plunge that comes with purchasing a brand new boiler.

In addition, a rental boiler can get you out of a bind when your own equipment goes down and you’re waiting on a repair. Manley’s twenty-four hour service can get you back up and going at any hour of the day with a rental boiler.

The Benefits of Steam Boilers

There are several reasons you may want to consider a steam boiler rental in lieu of other options. The first: steam boilers can be more efficient, so you may end up saving money and increase productivity if your boiler can outperform industrial hot water models. This first benefit can possibly lead to the secondary benefit of lower boiler operating costs. Factor this in with the money you may save by leasing a boiler in lieu of purchasing, and this could mean a significant savings if it turns out that a steam boiler rental is the right fit for your facility. Traditionally, steam boilers can have lower emissions, which means that your boiler is better for the environment and can help limit your concerns when it comes to adhering to California state protocol.

Top Service No Matter What

steam boiler rentalIt doesn’t matter to us whether you rent or buy your boiler—the team of experienced technicians at Manley’s Boiler are here to provide advice, recommendations, seamless service, and answer any questions you have. Our work doesn’t end upon installation of your steam boiler rental. We’re here day and night, weekends and holidays, in the case of emergencies. We also provide thorough and dependable annual maintenance so you can rest assured that your company and newly-rented equipment will be in good hands.