What to Look for in Eco-Friendly Boilers

With major advancements in boiler engineering and technology, we are enjoying a great period of environmentally-friendly boilers that help reduce energy expenditures while maintaining a consistent output. If you have been running the same piece of equipment for a long period of time, it may very well be less expensive for you to purchase one of the new eco-friendly boilers on the market. However, purchasing a new boiler can be overwhelming or confusing: we’ll outline what to look for in an eco-friendly boiler.

eco friendly boilersTake a Close Look at Fuel Efficiency

We all use fuel to make our boilers run, and fueling your boiler is one of the key costs, in addition to maintenance and repairs, associated with its operation. If you suspect your fuel costs are high in relation to the work your boiler is doing, switching to eco-friendly boilers may be the right choice for you. You’ll be able to save on fuel costs and start earning an immediate return on your investment in new and improved equipment.

Consider Your Boiler’s Emissions

With boiler emissions standards growing stricter and stricter by the year, it can be hard to stay on top of legal emissions rates and make sure that your boiler is within the required emissions ranges. Not only are eco-friendly boilers more fuel efficient than standard boilers or older equipment, but they also take much of the puzzle out of reducing your emissions rates. Most of the new eco-friendly boilers have incredibly low emissions, while maintaining a strong output so that you can still do the work you need without having to worry about whether you are within AQMD limits.

Designs That Prevent Energy Loss

recycling symbolEmissions and fuel usage aren’t the only considerations when it comes to thinking about your boiler’s environmental footprint. The best environmentally-friendly boilers are designed to prevent the energy loss that occurs during the standard combustion process. Instances of radiation loss, start up loss, exhaust loss, and blowdown loss are all forms of boiler inefficiencies that end up costing more energy and fuel over time. Eco-friendly models are insulated and better protected against these kinds of losses for a more efficient overall process that decreases the demand for energy.

If you are thinking about investing in an eco-friendly boiler, let the technicians at Manley’s Boiler know! Our team has extensive training in the field and can help you decide which boiler is right for your facility’s needs. We offer full-service boiler installation, rentals, repair, maintenance, and testing, and we are always happy to talk to our clients about whether or not eco-friendly boilers are the best fit. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to walk you through the next steps and schedule a visit.