What to Expect from Annual Commercial Boiler Maintenance

During an annual boiler maintenance visit, a technician will make sure that all electrical connections are secure, check that there is no overheating or loose wiring, or issues that indicate a more serious problem, such as melted wires. Checking the burner will likely be the first, and one of the most important, steps during commercial boiler maintenance. While assessing the burner’s functionality, your technician will check the flue passages for soot or moisture, inspect the vent pipe for residue that indicates condensation, and inspect the flame-sensing rods to make sure that there are no hairline fractures in the ceramic retainers that hold them and that the rods are spaced properly.

commercial boiler serviceFor the second aspect of the commercial boiler maintenance inspection, the technician will examine the outside of the boiler, including the fans and blowers, the block valves, and the combustion air proving switches. Third, the technician will conduct a few more tests when the burner is running at full operating temperature to ensure that all of the parts not only look okay, but are also functioning without issue. Then, with the boiler running at standard operating temperature, the annual boiler maintenance technician will examine the flue gasses, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels. This will make sure that your business is operating with AQMD protocol and protecting the safety of your employees.

Why Annual Boiler Maintenance Is Important For Your Business

Boilers of various makes, models, and manufacturers all require attention specific to their unique qualities. Annual commercial boiler maintenance will ensure that your business is operating under AQMD rules to avoid costly state penalties or even shut downs, not to mention an unhealthy amount of emissions. An expert in commercial boiler maintenance will also be aware of any changes to AQMD rules and regulations: just because your business was operating within legal limits during your last inspection does not necessarily mean that you are set for life. Regulations are subject to change, and the professionals at Manley’s Boiler will be able to advise regarding these rules, along with general safety maintenance.

Choose Manley’s Boiler for Top of the Line Annual Service

commercial boiler maintenanceWith Manley’s Boiler, you can expect the best service on the market. Manley’s Boiler is a hard-working, family-owned California business, and we take pride in helping our customers quickly and efficiently while still being responsible and thorough. Our team of experts is ready to assist with whatever you and your business need, whether it be boiler rentals, boiler parts, repairs, commercial boiler maintenance, or industrial boiler sales and installation. Whatever the job, you can be sure that Manley’s Boiler has the manpower and the knowledge to get it done.