What Is a BTU and How Does It Relate to Boilers?

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Understanding a BTU

You’ve likely heard or read the abbreviation BTU thrown around quite a bit when researching or discussing boilers. But what does BTU stand for? How does it relate to your industrial boiler? BTU is short for British Thermal Unit, which means that a BTU is a measurement of thermal energy. A single BTU is the amount of heat needed to warm one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. Since your boiler system is all about creating a combustion process that relies on heat, this is a good measure to know. Your boiler BTU is a pretty important indication of how powerful your boiler equipment is and how well it is operating. Knowing about your boiler’s average BTU or boiler BTU capacity is also a good way to understand if and when there is an issue with your boiler that could be preventing it from operating at its full ability.



globeBuying or Renting Boilers: What a Boiler BTU Rating Should Mean to You

If you review any materials online or in print about industrial boilers, you’ll notice that the capacity of most boilers is measured in horsepower or in BTUs. The greater the BTU of your equipment, the greater capacity your system has to create heat. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your facility should commit to the boiler with the greatest capacity. You’ll want to match your boiler’s output with the size and needs of your facility to make sure you’re not burning fuel you don’t need. Our team members will be happy to assess your facility’s needs and make the most appropriate recommendations as to what kind of boiler BTU capacity is right for you.

Thinking About Geography and Climate

In addition to the size and needs of your facility, the best boiler BTU capacity also depends on the location, geography, and climate of your operations. In a cold climate or during periods of cold weather, a higher BTU is required to create enough heat. In moderate climates you can get away with using fewer BTUs, and in very hot climates some facilities are able to get away with about 20 BTUs per interior square foot of space. Manley’s Boiler has operated in many counties in California for over six decades, so your technician will be able to let you know what kind of boiler and BTU level is needed.

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