The Significance of AQMD Rules & Other Industry Standards


What Are AQMD Rules?

AQMD (Air Quality Management District) is a governing body that regulates air pollution to protect citizen health, while remaining sensitive to business needs and daily operation requirements. Their rules are in place in order to restrict and govern the level of emissions that are produced during regular combustion processes. These guidelines are intended to limit the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere to ensure they don’t significantly affect air quality.

Although there are distinct rules that relate to the kind of boiler you operate or to the city or county where you reside, different states have even more explicit rules that determine acceptable levels of emissions under state-specific AQMD protocol.

AQMD also conducts frequent air quality tests to alert the public if there are any safety concerns in their area. They issue odor and air quality advisories to ensure the residents in their jurisdiction are safe from exposure.

The Significance of AQMD & Boiler Safety Standards


AQMD rules and other boiler safety standards are put into place as a form of protection. In the case of AQMD rules, this means protection against harmful chemicals that affect air quality. Other boiler safety rules make sure that boiler owners and operators know and respect the power of their boiler equipment and uphold operating standards for safe usage.

If you operate a commercial or industrial facility, then you have a responsibility to your employees, customers, and users to make sure your boiler is safe. If you are found to be in violation of AQMD rules and other boiler safety standards, the consequences can be extreme—you may have to pay expensive fines. In a worst case scenario, you may even be forced to shut down your business if your boiler is deemed to be unsafe with a dangerous level of harmful emissions.

While you may be unsure of where you can find updates on the amendments, adoptions, or repealment of AQMD rules and regulations, you can find a list of their recent actions online, updated every month.

Is Your Business AQMD Compliant?

AQMD rules and other boiler safety standards are subject to change. The rules in California, specifically, are becoming increasingly strict. The best way to ensure compliance to any changes in these rules is to check that your boiler service professional offers AQMD testing as a part of their services.

At Manley’s Boiler, Inc., we make AQMD testing a regular part of our annual maintenance visits, so you always know if your emission levels are compliant. We consider it an incredibly important part of our job to maintain these regulations, and ensure our customers avoid any negative consequences, like fines or shutdowns. If you’re in need of a maintenance visit, or would like advice regarding emission regulations, get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment.