The Perks of a Commercial Gas Boiler

Buying or leasing a boiler can get complicated, but Manley’s Boiler is here to make it simple. We’re here to help you decide whether a commercial gas boiler is right for you and your company. Gas boilers generate heat from burning natural gas.This means that a commercial gas boiler is hooked up to an external fuel supply in order to function. The gas is then fed to an enclosure that is close to a water supply. As the gas is burned, the water temperature rises, providing a variety of uses in commercial and industrial settings.

The Benefits of Gas Boilers

A commercial gas boiler is versatile and reliable, as natural gas is widely available to keep your equipment running. Commercial gas boilers are also incredibly efficient, so even when fuel prices are high, they are still a cost-effective option because they operate smoothly. If your boiler is older, it may be especially beneficial for your facility to upgrade to a new commercial gas boiler, as the recent models take advantage of technological advancements that allow them to operate more efficiently.

One way to quickly measure the efficiency of a commercial gas boiler is by looking at its AFUE rating. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, and can be a very useful metric in selecting a new gas boiler for your business. The AFUE ratings of various boilers will give you an idea how one gas boiler stacks up to the next and what that might mean for your facility in terms of potential cost savings. Another measurement to consider is MBH, or heating capacity, so you can compare a boiler’s efficiency with its potential output.

How Manley’s Boiler Can Help

Because gas boilers are common on the market, they tend to be straightforward to install for the experienced boilermaker. Ask the experts as Manley’s Boiler about installation and maintenance needs for a new gas boiler to help determine if it’s right for you. Manley’s Boiler employs only the best in the field, and our highly-trained, certified experts are available to answer your questions, assess the boiler needs of your facility, make recommendations on equipment, and help educate you and your staff on proper protocol for maintenance and safe usage. We’re available around the clock to help with your questions and make sure you get the highest possible level of service. Our job isn’t done until our customers are 100% satisfied.