The Importance of Kaowool Insulation

boiler-pipesYour boiler works hard to produce heat, so it makes sense that you should do everything you can to prevent thermal loss during the convection process. Thermal loss is a contributing factor to boiler inefficiency, and can cost your company money through increased operating costs. There are a handful of ways you can prevent thermal loss, which occurs more frequently with older equipment. The most immediate resolution is to purchase a new boiler. However, there are also steps you can take to keep in heat without overhauling your system or purchasing a new boiler. Kaowool insulation is an industry-trusted product used for trapping heat within your boiler.

What Is Kaowool Insulation?

When you think about your boiler’s efficiency, you may automatically think of components like the burner and the number of boiler passes in your system. While these aspects of your boiler unit are no doubt very important, you should not overlook the role that insulation plays in your boiler’s efficiency. One of the best insulation materials on the market is Kaowool, a flexible refractory material that will increase the thermal efficiency of your system. Kaowool is made from a blend of alumina, silica, and kaolin using a spinning process for tough construction. Engineered to last without losing strength, Kaowool is an incredible piece of technology that will keep your boiler system running strong.

How Does Kaowool Work?

Kaowool is installed as a lining for combustion chambers, and it is flexible and versatile enough that it can be easily fitted to chambers made from steel or brick. Highly resistant to chemical damage and able to withstand temperatures of up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, Kaowool insulation is one of the strongest, most durable materials you could ask for when it comes to proper boiler insulation. It is unaffected by liquids such as oil and water, and these properties mean it may be used in a variety of applications to insulate ducts and pipes, kilns, furnaces, gas and steam turbines, and of course, industrial boilers.

kaowool-insulationWhat Are the Benefits Of Using Kaowool?

Kaowool insulation prevents the kind of thermal loss that occurs during the daily operation of your boiler. Over time insulation will help save you money by maximizing your boiler’s performance. Kaowool is also perfect for insulating pipes that may be at risk of freezing up during extreme winter weather. A trusted boiler installation and repair expert will be able to tell you more about how your system specifically can benefit from added insulation.

The technicians at Manley’s Boiler are experts in the benefits of Kaowool insulation and at installing Kaowool for all major boiler makes and models. Call us to find out more about Kaowool and whether insulating your boiler makes sense for you. Our team is efficient and professional, so you can rest assured that we will get your job done quickly.