The Components of an Efficient Boiler

efficient boilersWhen it comes to running a business or large industrial facility, efficient boilers will save you money and time. Due to ever-improving technology and engineering, there are many great, efficient boiler options on the market that are still tough enough to get the job done. A truly efficient combustion process is the result of combining many parts and systems that work together within your boiler. We’ve outlined what you need to know about the components of an efficient boiler to help you evaluate whether or not you might be due for a boiler upgrade, and if so, how you might go about choosing your new boiler.

The Most Efficient Types of Boilers

Some boiler brands and boiler types are more efficient than others. Firetube boilers, for instance, tend to be incredibly efficient. There tends to be a high quantity of tubes in a firetube boiler, which results in a greater heating surface area per boiler. This means that there is generally more heat transfer and overall efficiency. In terms of financial efficiency, most newer firetube boilers are easier to access, so repairs and maintenance tend to be more inexpensive.

The Number of Boiler Passes Matters

best boilersEfficient boilers are designed to use hot gas to transfer heat into water. The most efficient boilers are the ones that have the most boiler passes: in other words, the most opportunities to transfer hot gas into water in order to produce heat. A 4-pass boiler will have better heat transfer and efficiency, as well as lower fuel costs, compared to a 2-pass or 3-pass model.

Your Boiler’s Burner is Crucial

You boiler’s burner is what initiates the combustion process. It uses fuel to create the heat that moves through the rest of the system. Newer systems will have a packaged burner that is designed to fit with and work specifically for your entire unit for a cohesive performance. Whether you choose a packaged boiler/burner combination or not, your burner still needs to have a low startup cost and high turndown in order to do its job.

Heating Surface Measurements

In addition to metrics like fuel usage and low emissions levels, another measure of efficient boilers is relatively simple. A boiler that occupies a smaller heating surface while still offering the same output and power is more efficient than a larger model that has the same output. Newer, more compact boilers have been designed with the utmost concern for the placement of boiler passes and feedwater tubes in order to create optimal performance.

If you think you might not be getting the most out of your boiler, give the team at Manley’s Boiler a call. We’ll help you determine how your boiler is performing and what you can do to make sure your boiler is working as hard as you need it to.