Customer Testimonials

testimonialsThe following industrial boiler service testimonials showcase the professionalism and consistency of our work in the business. For the sake of space, this page only includes industrial boiler service testimonials for larger-scale, long-term projects, though we are grateful for the many recommendations we receive from commercial, and other smaller-scale projects. We want this limited selection to showcase our wide range, so we’ve included industrial boiler service testimonials from a hospital, a correctional facility, and a defense technology company.

“To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter of recommendation as an individual employed as the Lead Steam Operating Engineer at a California Medical Center.

I have contracted the services of Manley’s Boiler Inc. exclusively at my facility for the last six years. During that period I have worked closely with many of their technicians and office staff on a wide variety of projects. Some of these projects include the design and installation of three high pressure boiler control systems utilizing nonproprietary components readily available through a variety of distributors, heat exchanger replacements and rebuilds, high pressure welding, piping and help with understanding and complying with regulatory agencies.

In times of critical failures, Manley’s Boiler Inc. has demonstrated their ability to serve the needs of this facility in a timely and efficient manner at all hours to minimize the adverse effects of outages.

In conclusion, I would recommend Manley’s Boiler Inc. to serve the needs of our facility and am confident that they will meet your expectations and provide you with quality service.”

—California Hospital

“To whom this may concern,

For the past 14 years, Manley’s Boiler has been awarded multiple times, the repair of our 3-40 MMBTU/HR Boilers and associated equipment, at the Men’s Central Jail. Their work at our facilities ranges from minor to major repairs and the last job was to replace the front and rear refractories, repair a 2″ boiler piping and return the boiler to operational status.

The repair started as scheduled, meeting all safety requirements, asbestos abatement and cleanup. This job was completed ahead of schedule, was tested satisfactorily and returned to service. The cleanup was done daily by the same crew working on a daily basis. The professionalism of the crew, the on site supervisor and the office support were outstanding. Many years of excellent service, professional employees, competitive cost and on time completion are the reasons why I kept calling Manley’s Boiler to repair my power plant at the Men’s Central Jail.”

—Southern California Correctional Facility

“To whom it may concern,

I, have been a customer with Manley’s Boilers,  for the past 17 years. I work for a defense contractor in Fullerton, California.

I have had every kind of boiler service and repairs performed by them and would highly recommend them to any other company for their maintenance, boiler, and control service needs. They have performed 24 hour service for my facility. I will continue to use their services”

—Defense Contractor