Refractory Repair


Refractory Before Repairs

Refractory refers to heat resistant materials that make up the linings of equipment like furnaces and boilers. In a boiler, refractory materials are used to line your boiler’s combustion chamber and provide insulation for your system. It is crucial that refractories function as they were intended: to resist stress from extreme heat, as well as wear and tear from corrosion. Since refractory is key to the efficiency and output of your boiler, it is absolutely crucial to make sure your refractory material is in good repair and not outdated, worn, cracked, or damaged in any way that might prevent it from doing it’s job. If you suspect otherwise, or uncover refractory issues during a routine boiler inspection, the professionals at Manley’s Boiler are highly trained in boiler refractory repair and will have your boiler running like new as soon as possible.

Experience You Can Rely On

We’ve worked refractory repairs through the night on a Coast Guard ship to get them out to see in the morning – as the only California boiler company up to the task. We’ve repaired refractory on boilers in prisons with thousands of inmates relying upon the boiler. When refractory work absolutely has to be done, and done right, Manley’s Boiler is the team to contact.

Not Sure Refractory Is An Issue? We Can Assess During Annual Service

Refractory After Repairs

The team at Manley’s Boiler is experienced with the assessment of all sorts of refractory installation and repair. Common refractory issues include pressure vessel leaks, refractory door inspection and replacement, repair of damaged seal joints and broken refractory tiles, refractory installation and start-up, and other more complex causes of refractory damage.

Once our team has identified the issue with your system, we’ll get to work on the necessary boiler refractory repair procedures to keep your equipment running smoothly and safely, as well as improve efficiency. Manley’s Boiler offers around-the-clock service, seven days a week, so we’ll always be there to back you up when refractory issues strike. Call us at anytime for all of your boiler repair concerns.