R-1 Reports

R-1 FormAn R-1 report is a type of document that is used to record boiler repairs that are completed in accordance with the National Boiler Code, specifically when it comes to welding that has been done to your boiler by a repair firm or technician who is certified in boiler welding. The R-1 report is handled by a boiler technician to submit to the pressure vessel inspector, who reviews and inspects the report to ensure that the repair adheres to code standards. At Manley’s Boiler, Inc., our technicians abide by the National Boiler Code and are thoroughly trained in all code protocols, certified in welding, and qualified to perform any and all welding repairs and paperwork. Our team members are extremely well-versed in R-1 report completions. We can handle any and all paperwork required to officially process the repair according to National Boiler Code and pressure vessel inspector requirements.

In addition to the official inspector’s copy, your boiler repair professional will give you a copy of the R-1 form for your records, which should be kept on file for future reference. The R-1 is also a useful way to keep track of repairs within an institution, as employee changeover or changes to your boiler repair company may result in an incomplete institutional memory. If you have questions about boiler repair paperwork or the National Boiler Code, our team is always available to walk you through the process and answer any questions. Let us know if we can help you with your R-1 form when making boiler repairs. Call us today!