Boiler Combustion Chamber Relining

combustion-chamber-reliningWhether your facility’s operations utilize a steam boiler or a hot water boiler, all boilers rely on controlled combustion as the essential process for generating power and heat. The combustion chamber is the space within your boiler system where the controlled combustion process occurs before heat is transferred through the rest of the system. Combustion chambers are lined with refractory materials that are essential to boiler safety and insulation temperatures. There are various issues that can arise with the combustion chamber itself, as well as its refractory lining. As with any other part of your industrial boiler, damage to the combustion chamber can result in decreased boiler efficiency, higher operating costs, and potentially dangerous working conditions. Don’t take the risk of running your equipment with a damaged or outdated combustion chamber lining. Let the professionals at Manley’s Boiler make the proper boiler combustion chamber repair recommendations.

Common combustion chamber repair issues for industrial boilers include cracks, damaged refractory materials, or inefficient, outdated lining materials that result in a loss of heat. Boiler combustion chamber repairs can involve a variety of different approaches, depending on our technician’s assessment of your equipment. The most common and effective relining material for industrial boilers is Kaowool, which is easy to install and will immensely improve your boiler’s efficiency. Whether your combustion chamber needs to be relined with new refractory materials, or replaced completely, our team is highly experienced and trained in making the necessary assessments and repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.