Certified Welding

welder Industrial automotive part in factoryManley’s Boiler has several experienced Certified Welders on our team, capable of an impressive variety of processes, metals, thicknesses, and work environments ranging from 30 feet in the air to a confined space inside a boiler. We’re consistently testing and validating our welding capabilities against the strictest industry standards.

Welding is a key skill when it comes to professional boiler repair, and you should look for a boiler repair company that can offer certified welding as a part of their services.

Boiler tubes, which can corrode, form holes, or otherwise suffer damage after years of withstanding extreme pressure and high heat, are typically in need of welding repair work. If you have a boiler issue or a boiler tube that needs repair, Manley’s Boiler can help.

We understand that boiler repairs can be costly in terms of output and production loss. Our team works extremely hard to perform boiler welding and repair services as efficiently as possible, so that your facility can get back to business with minimal interruptions. Don’t delay getting your boiler repaired, as we’ve seen too many issues across the country where a repair is needed but delayed, causing facility damages and injuries.

Manley’s Boiler Welders – Setting High Standards

Our welders primarily use SMAW (stick) processes for carbon steel and a 6G weld test is considered a basic requirement for our team – conducted and tested during our interview process. We have welders working on everything from stainless steel to rarer metals like inconel.

Manley’s Boiler has welders with expert level experience in GMAW (MIG) processes as well.

Our company prides itself on our around-the-clock service, and we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Contact us today or call 562-427-3144 and get the service you need.