Boiler Remote Monitoring

Asset Management Redefined

Manley’s Boiler remote monitoring system is proven to reduce long-term maintenance costs, provide early warning to minimize equipment downtime or damage due to system failure, and create powerful insights that reduce fuel spending and increase boiler efficiency.

Steam Applications

Manley’s Boiler can remotely monitor steam boilers of any brand with real-time data reporting of critical measurements to understand performance and identify issues with early warning. Our remote monitoring system has high tolerances and is applicable to steam boilers. The installation can take a day or less and we can adjust the data monitored to meet the needs of a facility manager.

Remote Monitoring Overview

Hot Water Applications

Manley’s Boiler can also remotely monitor hot water boilers of any brand with real-time data reporting. It is possible to monitor multiple hot water boilers from a single system.

How Our Technology Works

Manley’s Boiler provides our customers access to a secure portal to monitor their boilers and related equipment. The portal is available on computers, tablets, and phones. We can customize alerts to the facility manager’s needs. If an issue comes up, the Manley’s Boiler technicians monitoring assets will communicate with the facility manager to determine if service is required. The Manley’s Boiler team will be on standby for any required service – with the problem often isolated prior to arrival, saving substantial time and cost.

Data Security & Analytics

We take our data security, and yours, very seriously. No changes to boiler settings can be done remotely and access to customer boiler data is strictly protected.

Within the portal, customers can conduct analysis on their systems or ask the Manley’s Boiler to conduct monthly or quarterly reporting. Want to know if that new pump has you performing better? No problem, ask the remote monitoring system.


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