To Rent or to Buy: The Best Boiler Option for You

industrial-barometerAn industrial boiler represents a significant investment for you and your company. Your choice of boilers can have a big effect on your company’s productivity levels, fuel usage, operating levels, and even workplace safety. It is essential that you’ve examined the potential pros and cons of steam versus hot water boilers, green versus traditional models, and whether it is better for you to rent your boiler from a certified firm or to purchase your own boiler.

You likely have plenty of questions about the process:

  • Who is responsible for rental boiler maintenance?
  • What kind of rental boiler options are available compared to boilers for purchase?
  • What do I need to know before my company lays out the cash to buy a new boiler?

We’re happy to help navigate the many questions that arise when you’re considering whether you should rent or buy.

Many of these decisions depend not so much on the particular piece of equipment at hand, but upon your needs as a company. The team at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is made up of highly trained, experienced boiler service technicians. We’re happy to walk you through the basics of both the boiler rental and purchase processes.industrial-boiler-service-firms

Boiler Rental Basics: How It Works

Many industrial boiler service firms provide rentals to their customers. Both parties participate in what is usually a long term leasing process. This involves the firm providing, delivering, and installing a rental boiler. Rentals are available for both hot water and steam boilers, so you have options depending on the type of work that you do. Boiler rentals are also available following shut-downs, repair, and in emergencies so that you can keep your facility running. Rental boilers can also be extremely helpful during periods of high demand, so if you anticipate a needed increase in combustion capacity, you’ll want to look into renting an additional boiler to make sure that you can get all of your work done.

Rentals can cover industrial boilers of all sizes. For instance, Manley’s Boiler, Inc. provides our rental customers with steam boilers that range from 20-horsepower models up to powerful 400-horsepower models.

When it comes to hot water boilers, we offer a range of sizes and capacities, starting with our 20-horsepower model. A boiler that is too small won’t be able to maintain the kind of heat levels you need, while a boiler that is too large will use more fuel and be unnecessarily expensive to run. If you’re afraid a rental boiler may limit your options, most major service firms offer a spectrum of equipment, so you can find the right fit for your facility.conducting-businessThe Case for Rental Boilers: The Benefits of a Long-Term Rental

Renting a boiler can provide significant cost savings when compared to purchasing a new boiler for your facility. This can be helpful if your boiler is damaged or needs repairs and requires a temporary replacement. Renting also allows you to try a different make or model so that when the time comes to buy a boiler, you know the types of equipment available. You’ll also have the opportunity to see how your rental boiler interacts with your existing equipment.boiler-service-professional

Boiler Rental Service and Care

Another benefit of renting is that you have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist with questions or concerns. At Manley’s Boiler, Inc., we make it a point to provide training on safe boiler usage after installing rental equipment. We are also always available to our customers to make sure they have everything they need to get the most out of their new equipment. Your rental boiler professionals will also perform inspections and repairs, so choose a firm that offers 24/7 emergency repair.portable-boilersPortable Boilers: More Than a Luxury

Whether you end up buying or leasing a boiler, it may also make sense to have a portable boiler on hand. Manley’s Boiler, Inc. offers portable boiler options for rent so that you’re always covered. Portable boilers combine the best of boiler technology and allow for easy hookup so that they can be installed quickly. Whether you buy a boiler or choose to rent long term, it can only benefit you to prepare for emergencies and have a portable boiler rental on hand.boiler-system-inspectionBuying an Industrial Boiler: Finding the Right Boiler for You

If you are thinking long-term and are tired of dealing with a boiler that is outdated, inefficient, and needs constant repair, then buying a new boiler could be right for you. Before you buy a boiler, your authorized representative should be able to give you specific quotes for the cost of your equipment. Browse the models and makes available to you and review brochures that describe each boiler’s design. Consider key specs, workload capacity, emissions levels, and information regarding built in controls and safety features. Ask your boiler service professional about what it will cost to run, maintain, and repair.

A firm will help you transport and install your new boiler so that you can minimize downtime. At Manley’s Boiler, Inc., we are well-versed in many brands and make it a point to train our customers on any new piece of equipment they purchase.technician-servicing-boilerThe Right Reasons to Buy a New Boiler

One benefit of buying a new boiler is that it gives you more control over make, model, and specifications. For example, if you are interested in investigating a green boiler with low emissions, you can look into the newest equipment that emphasizes low NOx rates. This is particularly helpful in a state like California, where the government is clamping down on emissions levels.

If you are looking for a boiler with a smaller carbon footprint that will take up less space, consider compact boilers. While most companies offer plenty of high quality rentals, if you have specific requirements in mind, then buying a boiler may give you a wider scope of options.

It can be more economical to rent a boiler compared to the initial investment of purchasing new equipment. However, if you are thinking long-term, buying a boiler might make better financial sense than trying to rent one. While the initial cost of buying a boiler is more than what you would put down for a long term lease, buying a boiler may be an option with more longevity.boiler-controlsGetting Specific: Greater Options on New Boiler Controls

Many new boilers include a greater number of controls than may be available from a rental boiler. Hot water cut-offs can be expected on most boilers, but newer models offer a greater variety of switches and controls. While it is certainly possible to have additional controls installed on an older boiler, having a piece of equipment arrive that is tailored to your needs is a more efficient option.boiler-maintenance1Boiler Maintenance and What You Need to Know as a Boiler Owner

Preventative boiler maintenance is key to making sure your boiler is performing safely and efficiently. If you purchase a boiler, you should expect to make regular maintenance a part of your day. Taking care of your boiler begins with keeping a log, where you can record essential statistics that help you track your boiler’s performance. Key information that you will need to record includes:

  • flue gas temperature
  • water level, gas pressure
  • feedwater pump operations
  • operating temperature
  • fuel consumption

Once you have compiled data on these measures, you’ll be able to spot potential issues or changes in performance much more quickly.

Annual maintenance with a professional is equally essential to maintaining boiler health and keeping your workplace safe. Your service technician will perform a series of inspections and tests to ensure safe operation. Your technician should also check emissions levels and inspect your system for any signs of leaks, damage, or corrosion.boiler-health-inspectionMaking the Final Decision

Take your time when it comes to deciding whether you will rent or buy your next boiler. Consider the makes, models, and features of the options available to you. As long as you have a service firm that you can count on, it’s hard to go wrong when deciding whether you should rent or buy your next boiler. Your service technician will be able to talk to you in-depth about the particular needs of your business and give you up-to-date information when it comes time to make a decision.

Each company’s business and boiler needs are unique. Our job at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is to find the best way to provide customers with the level of attention that they need to make smart decisions. From our initial consultation to our responsive, thorough service, our crew is proud to support some of the leading businesses and facilities in California.