pumpsBoiler circulation pumps are powered by an electric motor. Essentially, circulation pumps function by pushing heated water through the boiler system and bringing cool water back. While it has an important function within your boiler’s combustion process, your boiler circulation pump is generally quite small compared to the rest of the system. There are two placement options for your boiler pump: the first is on the supply piping, which is adjacent to your boiler. The second option is on the return piping. The most important detail in the placement of your boiler circulation pump is that it is not placed on a low point-which is where sediment tends to collect-as sediment collecting in and even around the pump can cause issues.

Pump inspections and maintenance are necessary to keep your system running as well as it can and to make sure that water is circulating properly through the various components of your boiler system. Occasionally, issues will arise with a pump’s motor or with the pump itself that will prevent water from getting where it needs to go. If you suspect there is an issue with your boiler circulation, let us know and we’ll schedule a time to do a thorough inspection and make sure your system is operating as it should. Your technician will be able to make detailed recommendations as to your pump placement, pump adjustments, repairs, and replacement. As boiler service professionals with extensive experience in parts replacement, parts repairs, and emergency repairs, we’ll be able to assess your pump issue quickly and get your system back on track. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


Boiler gauges are the tools that help keep you clued in to your boiler’s performance. Boiler gauges help judge conditions and work with other important boiler tools and instruments to help keep your boiler system operating safely. How your boiler’s gauges are situated within its system depend on the size of your boiler. With many….

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