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Raypak Boiler

About Raypak Boilers

For over 70 years, Raypak has been a manufacturer of copper finned boilers and water heaters from their primary manufacturing facility in Southern California. Raypak’s design goals center on high quality, reliable, and energy efficient boilers, which is why the reputation of the company is held in such high regard in the industry. They offer domestic and hydronic (comfort heating) applications both for indoor and outdoor use. Raypak equipment is highly serviceable, making maintenance and repairs efficient. Raypak boilers are equipped with easy to use controls through Versa IC, integrating multiple functions into one interface. They also are known for their excellent energy efficiency, saving your facility money. Raypak is constantly investing in research and development to ensure that their product is one of the most user-friendly sealed combustion boilers we’ve ever seen. Whatever your needs, we will find the right solution for you.

Our Experience with Raypak Installation & Service

Manley’s Boiler LLC has decades of experience installing, repairing, and renting Raypak boilers. Our technicians and staff are factory trained and have an average of 15+ years of experience each. In fact, 20 of our employees have attended multiple Raypak training courses, and several have gone to every existing Raypak training course. We have 24/7 Raypak boiler service and support and a fleet of rentals available within hours to ensure that your facility has minimal downtime in case of an emergency. Our technicians install or replace multiple Raypak boilers every single week. If you are in need of a Raypak boiler, Manley’s Boiler is the company for you.    

Why Raypak

Raypak boilers are one of the most versatile brands in the industry. They have a small footprint and are easily customizable. You can integrate them into a multi boiler system, as they are stackable, and work with both common fuel types (natural gas or propane). They also are equipped with Building Management System (BMS), and easily convertible to your existing building’s system, so you will be able to monitor your Raypak performance alongside your other critical building equipment.

Raypak boilers are everywhere. They are locally manufactured in Southern California and can be found in thousands of facilities around North America. Manley’s Boiler is strongly supported by Raypak Boiler, meaning that we will be able to service or install your Raypak with a competitive lead time. We also carry common Raypak parts in our Southern California 35,000 square ft. warehouse.

As they have high efficiency rates, many Raypak boilers are eligible for SoCal Gas rebates, meaning that your facility may qualify to receive funds for being energy efficient. This energy efficiency will also save your facility significant capital on fuel expenses. With SoCal Gas rebates and energy efficiency upgrades, Raypak boilers are price competitive on new boilers.

Raypak for Hotels and Apartment Complexes

With their size variety, Raypak boilers provide a constant hot water supply to hotels and apartment complexes. They can be adjusted in size and water temperature to meet the demands of hotel rooms and apartments. Our staff will work with your facility to understand your needs and install your units with minimal downtime. We uniquely understand the need for 100% uptime to meet a high quality of service for the tenants of apartments and guests of hotels.

Raypak for Commercial Pools

Raypak boilers are also frequently used as commercial pool heaters. Raypak pool products are energy-efficient, reliable, and whisper quiet. They offer both gas and electric heaters with digital controls to precisely heat your commercial pool. Raypak digital pool heaters are also compatible with all building management systems to monitor your boiler in tandem with any other remote systems. We will work to provide your facility with the necessary equipment with a competitive lead time to minimize downtime.

Installing Raypak Boilers

Raypak boilers typically last between 15 and 20 years. A rule of thumb to follow is if your Raypak is over 15 years old, it is time to replace it. Our technicians are factory trained, C4 Licensed, and have years of experience installing and replacing Raypak boilers.

C4 Licensed Contractor

We are a C4 Licensed Contractor, meaning that we install, service, and repair every boiler make and model. ONLY licensed boiler contractors are permitted to work on boilers – plenty of our work is correcting incorrectly installed boilers done by Plumbers or HVAC (air conditioning) contractors. Unlicensed or out-of-class work by these contractors is both dangerous and illegal, so you should trust the established brand of Manley’s Boiler for any boiler related need. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and will handle your needs with ease and skill.

Rentals Available

Manley’s Boiler has a fleet of Raypak rentals available to you within hours. We are able to quickly install your equipment so that you face minimal down time. We understand how many facilities depend on hot water to operate, so our technicians work speedily to deliver and install your new rental equipment.

Popular Raypak Boilers

Raypak Hi Delta

Raypak Hi Delta Boiler

The Raypak Hi Delta is the workhorse of the boiler industry. We often come across a 20+ year old Raypak Hi Delta that is in healthy operating condition. Raypak equipment is designed to be reliable and also highly serviceable, making maintenance and repairs efficient. Replacement boilers and parts are accessible with very short lead times compared to most brands. Manley’s Boiler carries a variety of Raypak parts.

The Hi Delta comes equipped with what they call a patented burner “security blanket,” which is a design enhancement that provides optimal air-gas pathways for complete combustion. Add easy, straightforward heat exchanger removal into the mix and you’ve got one of the most user-friendly sealed combustion boilers that we’ve ever seen.

On top of serviceability and smart design, the Raypak Hi Delta series of industrial boilers offers an incredible resource in the form of the On-Board Diagnostic Center. Should your boiler have any kind of issue, this enhancement will communicate any past faults and other key information to your repair technician, which can save precious time in addressing problems and implementing any necessary repairs.

  • Models 302C-2002C certified to SCAQMD Rule 1146.2. Meets requirement for CA Low NOx regulations
  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • Cascade control of up to 4 units, no external sequencer required
  • All models indoor/outdoor certified
  • Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger upgrade available


  • 95% efficiency – Condensing, Cat IV venting required
  • Small footprint, less than 9-1/2 square feet
  • Certified under SCAQMD Rule 1146.2.  Meets all Low NOx regulations


  • 97% efficiency: Condensing, Cat IV venting required
  • Certified under SCAQMD rule 1146.2. Meets all Low NOx regulations
  • Built-in cascade function for up to 4 heaters
  • Primary-secondary piping required


  • 87% Thermal Efficiency at Full Rate.
  • Certified under SCAQMD Rule 1146.2.  Meets all Low NOx regulations.
  • Smallest installed footprint (5.4 square feet) design fits tight spaces and easily replaces larger boilers.
  • Cascade control of up to 4 units, no external sequencer required.

Raypak Maintenance and Care

To extend the lifetime of your Raypak, it should be maintained and inspected annually by a licensed boiler company. The annual maintenance consists of inspecting for soot, cleaning the main burners, inspecting and testing controls, as well as other manufacturer recommended maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly. The Manley’s Boiler Annual Maintenance Plan will help your facility avoid costly repairs that eventually result from negligence. Raypak boilers that are older or in more difficult environments require more frequent maintenance. An example of more frequent maintenance would be filters cleaned or changed every 3 months in a more demanding environment.

Because Raypak boilers are small and energy efficient, they meet or exceed all federal and state standards. However, to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently, our technicians will adjust the manifold pressure and check the combustion for optimal performance. Several service companies neglect the importance of optimal combustion that can strongly affect both safety and boiler life.

Common Repairs and Replacements

  • Heat Exchanger (Tube Bundle) Replacement
  • Hot Surface Ignitor Replacement
  • Flame Sensor Replacement
  • Burner Replacement
  • Flow switch replacement 
  • Pump Replacement

24/7 Raypak Boiler Service and Support

Need Raypak Tech Support or Raypak Boiler Service/Troubleshooting? We have several factory trained technicians with 15+ years of experience each, on call 24/7. Trucks are stocked with relevant parts. Call 562-427-3144.

Need a hot water boiler install or rental? No problem, we have a fleet of rentals available within hours and install/replace Raypak boilers every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I calculate BTU?
    • British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the quantity of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. Every facility has a specific BTU requirement to fit their specific needs. Our sales technicians will help to understand your needs and determine the right size boiler for your facility.
  • Is a gas or electric pool heater better?
    • Raypak offers both heat pumps and gas fired pool and spa heaters. Depending on your needs and the size of your facility’s pool, you will find either the electric or gas heater most cost effective. Contact a sales representative today to discuss and determine your needs.
  • Is Raypak a good pool heater?
    • Raypak pool heaters have a reputation of being durable, easy to use, and quick to install. Many Raypak gas-fired heaters can be used for over 10 years for indoor and outdoor application. Manley’s Boiler works on commercial (no residential) pool heaters and boilers.

Additional Information

Partner with the experienced and reliable service team of professionals at Manley’s Boiler. You’ll receive an expert assessment of your needs and a customized recommendation for your business.