Prepare for Winter with Routine Boiler Maintenance

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Your boiler is a hard-working piece of equipment, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require maintenance to prepare for tough winter months. When cold weather is approaching, it’s important to have a boiler maintenance plan in place so you can face it head-on. Here’s what our team suggests you do in order to get your boiler ready for the winter chill.

Check For Leaks

One of the quickest ways to reduce the efficiency of your boiler is to let a leak go unacknowledged or unrepaired. Leaks allow valuable heat in the form of steam or hot water to escape the system when your boiler should be converting it to energy. A trained boiler repair professional will be able to quickly assess your boiler system for leaks and make sure that it is completely secure as a part of any winter boiler maintenance plan.

Be Wary of Trapped Water

In large industrial and commercial facilities, it is not uncommon that operators will choose not to heat every room or area of a large complex; that’s why many industrial buildings are divided into separate heating zones. Over all this is an efficient way to operate, but your winter boiler maintenance plan should take “trapped” water into account when thinking about multi-zone heating. It is possible that when a thermostat is turned off, the water in that area of the system remains trapped until those thermostats are returned to normal heating levels. When the thermostat is activated again, cold water can flow back through the boiler, occasionally causing a shock to the unit when it comes into contact with the very hot boiler metal. Discussing this possibility with your boiler professional will help you make a boiler maintenance plan for how and when you should activate all zones of your system.

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Make Sure Controls are In Order

Winter heating and combustion conditions are generally more unpredictable than in the summer months. As you head into winter, it would be a good idea to have a professional take a look at your boiler controls as a part of your boiler maintenance plan. Because controls alert you to any deviations in your boiler’s functionality, you want to make sure that yours are up to date and in working order. That way, if any potentially unsafe or undesirable conditions arise within your system, you can rest assured that you have strong controls in place to prevent the situation from escalating.

Ask our team at Manley’s Boiler how we can help get your facility prepared for winter months. We’ve been in business for six decades and will work with you to get through the tough winter season.