Boiler Rental Service

We offer a selection of the most reliable commercial and industrial boilers to fit your business’ needs for temporary boiler rental or long-term boiler rental.

Not sure what size boiler you need? No problem, head to the “Contact Us” page and one of our experts will reach out in a few minutes to discuss and get you an estimate – it’s that easy. There’s also a form at the bottom to help get us started.

50HP steam boiler rental

Annual maintenance is performed before each rental and we’ve invested in our fleet so you can rest easy knowing we’ll keep your business up and running.

Information to Get Started

  1. Steam or Hot Water? What’s the intended use?
  2. What capacity (of steam) or temperature (for hot water)?
  3. Are there available tie-ins for fuel, electrical, water, steam?
  4. What fuel source do you have?
  5. Any size/space restrictions we need to know about?

Steam Boilers

Manley’s Boiler offers a selection of steam boilers for rent with a variety of specs to fit businesses of all sizes.

Need larger? No problem, we’ve got rapid access to rental units with partnerships across the country.

Hot Water Boilers

Manley’s Boiler also has several hot water boiler rental options available, both domestic and hydronic applications. The experts at Manley’s Boiler can help you find the hot water boiler you need, with models of all sizes ranging from 500k BTU to 6 mm BTU, with some examples below.

Need higher output? No problem, we can combine rentals to get you to the output needed.

stacked raypak boilers

Special Situations

We’ve seen a lot of scenarios for rentals – crane up to a roof, converting fuel types, 1 day up to full year rentals, 24 hour operator support at controlled access facilities, and many more. We’re passionate about being the best boiler service in California, so we’ll work through any special requirements with you.

Where do we Rent?

Our highly mobile boiler rentals are skid mounted or trailer mounted boilers. We have installed temporary boiler rental systems across California, primarily in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County – but we work all across California.

Transparent Pricing

What’s a rental boiler cost? We’re focused on fair and transparent pricing, broken down as follows:

  1. Installation – the price to install the system, varies based upon complexity, tie-in availability, and any other special considerations. We’ll get to a firm price before we install the rental.
  2. Monthly Rental Fee – the monthly recurring fee to rent the boiler and any required ancillary equipment.
  3. Removal – the price to remove the equipment when rental is completed, typically much faster than installation and we’ll quote it to a firm price before we install as well.

That’s it… a lot of companies have hidden fees for per-mile delivery, substantial up-front payments, no guarantee of working equipment – that’s not us. Let’s focus on getting you up and running as quickly/efficiently as possible.

Top Notch Service and Maintenance

Is time of the essence? Our highly trained service professionals are the best in their field, and we can have your rental boiler installed in a matter of hours. We’re proud of our reputation for safe, professional, and reliable boiler installation and maintenance, and we’re renting boilers every week.

Rental Quote

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