Learn About the World’s Largest Boiler

If you’re used to working in or managing a large industrial facility that relies on a boiler to power your operations, you might think you’re used to seeing what some seriously heavy duty equipment can do. At Manley’s Boiler, we have decades of experience working with boilers and extremely powerful equipment. However, even we were wowed to see that the world’s largest boiler had been developed in the beginning of 2015. Read more to learn about the incredible specs of this amazing new boiler.

Nuts and Bolts of the World’s Largest Boiler

The biggest, most powerful boiler in the world was designed and developed by Nationwide Boiler Inc. and is currently being manufactured by Babcock and Wilcox. This record-breaking piece of equipment is designed at 750 pounds per square inch, 750 degrees fahrenheit superheat, and can produce up to 110,000 pounds of heat per hour at a pressure of 400–650 pounds per square inch when connected to a feedwater supply of 227 degrees Fahrenheit. This boiler will deliver tremendous amounts of power to help facilities maintain operations during planned or unplanned outages, or supply a huge amount of heat quickly for high capacity, high need industrial and commercial spaces.

The Largest Boiler: What Comes Next

The world’s largest boiler will be a trailer-mounted product available for rent or for sale and can be shipped by truck instead of rail for faster delivery. The boiler can also be adapted with NationWide’s CataStak SCR system in order to reduce emissions to 5 ppm NOx. These enhancements are great news for the boiler industry at large: due to increasing legal restrictions on emissions in the state of California and elsewhere, boiler manufacturers are responding with incredibly low emissions boilers. The news that Nationwide can develop such a powerful piece of equipment and still fit it to meet strict emissions standards is a sign that industrial boilers are not only becoming more powerful, but also more efficient and environmentally friendly.

What Does This Mean for Industrial Boiler Technology?
The production of the world’s largest boiler might not, at first glance, seem important to the kind of technology most industrial and commercial spaces need to manage their daily operations. However, here at Manley’s Boiler, we think it is important to have a wide knowledge of all boiler trends and upcoming innovations in the industry, and chances are, the production of this incredibly powerful boiler will mean that boiler technology will continue to improve across the board. We’re excited to bring our customers the most up-to-date products and share our ever-expanding knowledge in the boiler sphere.