Kewanee Boiler

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Kawanee Boiler first went into business as far back as 1868 and spent more than a century producing some of the world’s most impressive and advanced boiler systems. Sadly, 2002 the company closed, but not before having sold and installed tens of thousands of huge and important boiler systems all over the world – thousands of which are still in use today.

However, the good news is that while the systems themselves are no longer made, Kewanee Boilers can still be maintained to keep these classic installations running like new. Manley’s Boiler has so much experience with Kewanee Boilers that we offer guidance on repairs, retrofits, replacement parts and general maintenance of Kewanee systems.

Of course, given the fact that the company itself doesn’t actually exist anymore, it is vital to only ever do business with a company that offers certain guarantees as to the authenticity and quality of all maintenance offered. 

All Welded, gas-tight ASME Code construction gives strenght and durability. Surface finish is factory applied, heat resistant enamel. 

Forced Draft: Controls that are a combination water column (steam units), pump  controller, low water cut-off, ASME code safety valve(s), pressure gauge, thermometer (water units), operating and safety controllers (pressure on steam, temperature and low fire hold aquastat on water). 

Natural Draft:  Steam units furnished with Kewanee water column safety valve(s), pressure gauge, water gauge, and glass. Water units furnished with relief valve(s) and pressure gauge.

Technical Data: 

Need technical specifications and data for your Kewanee Boiler? No problem, we have a lot of the original information on-hand at our headquarters and can provide expert advice and the supporting documentation as needed. 

Maintenance tips:

No Kewanee boiler is new, so you should definitely have a qualified boiler company conduct annual maintenance on the system (which requires a shutdown for a short time). 

Additionally, older boilers should have at least a 6-month tune up with an analyzer report, to manufacturer specifications to keep the system running efficiently. 

Water treatment is another critical component to extending the life of the system. If you need improvements to your system or want to upgrade your water treatment, we can help.

Finally, daily and weekly checks to the system, as well as knowing how to efficiently operate it, are important. We offer training on your system and can troubbleshoot or provide tips, 24 hours a day, for free.

Kewanee’s are boilers that are easily retrofitted to meet NOx requirements.

Manley’s Boiler is a full service boiler maintenance and repair company.

If you have an emergency with the Kewanne Boiler, or need a service call, Manley’s Boiler is here to help. Our field team works on Kewanee Boilers every week.