How to Create a Safe, Functional Boiler Room

Any workplace or industrial facility will need a safe, functional boiler room. In order to protect people, equipment, and property, you should follow many important maintenance and repair guidelines. Boiler room maintenance is a big part of making sure your boiler is operating safely, which is why the Manley’s Boiler team is here to give you the rundown on some of the most important boiler room safety tips and protocols.

Boiler Control Valves

Examine the Room for Potential Problems

A boiler room is exactly what it sounds likea space that is designated exclusively for your boiler to function. Boiler rooms should not be used to store excess equipment of any kind. Your boiler’s burner requires thorough air circulation in order to function which can be compromised when your boiler room is used as a storage space. In fact, improper air circulation can lead to incomplete fuel combustion and production of carbon monoxide—two conditions you absolutely want to avoid. You also want to keep any flammable materials far away from your boiler, so that you don’t expose them to the combustion process.


Proper Training Is Crucial

Not all boilers are created equal, and all staff members who will have access to the boiler and the boiler room should be taught how to use it and best safety practices. If staff members are trained on how to use a boiler initially, but changes have been made to your boiler system, make sure everybody understands how to interact with any new controls or other additions. It is also a good idea to create a checklist for proper startup and shutdown procedures. Knowledge is an essential part of proper boiler and boiler room maintenance, which is why our team at Manley’s Boiler takes the time to train our customers after we install a new piece of equipment.


Monitor Your Boiler on a Regular Basisboiler valves

Having an annual professional inspection is key to boiler room maintenance. In between inspections, make sure you are noting your boiler’s performance in a daily log. By compiling data on your boiler, you’ll be able to know when something changes and get a better sense if it is perhaps the symptom of a bigger problem. Even if you install some kind of automated system, make sure you observe the boiler a few times before you depend solely on these systems.

Your boiler service professional can assess your boiler room setup as a part of their maintenance visit. You should feel free to ask them about any specific concerns you have about boiler room maintenance and how to properly enforce necessary safety protocols. We have decades of boiler installation and repair experience under our belts and we work hard to serve our customers, so contact Manley’s Boiler today.