Explore the Increasing Popularity of Package Boilers

package boilerIn the boiler manufacturing and service industry, we know that efficiency and cost savings are crucial to any well-designed boiler. Your company’s bottom line is important, and the professionals at Manley’s Boiler want to help you reduce costs by eliminating inefficient or outdated boiler equipment. If you are researching boilers for lease or for purchase, you may find yourself hearing the term “package boilers” to describe a packaged firetube or watertube industrial boiler. Read on to find out if a package boiler is a fit for you.



What Is a Package Boiler?

You are likely hearing more about package boilers now because the newest models are tougher and more efficient than their older counterparts. Sometimes the term “packaged burner” is used to describe a burner that has been bolted or combined to a boiler unit. However, this usage is inaccurate. A true package boiler means that the boiler and burner were engineered as one cohesive unit, designed to produce maximum results for the combustion process. Since a package boiler is designed as a single, compact unit, the installation process is streamlined and there is minimal on-site assembly required. For you, our client, that means less downtime and increased productivity.

What Are the Benefits of a Package Boiler?boiler house

The benefits of package boilers in an industrial or commercial setting are extensive and wide-ranging. Package boilers frequently have higher efficiency, higher turndown, better fuel ratio burner control, automatic excess air trim, and very low emissions. New models of package boilers offer increased control of the overall combustion process, with enhanced digital technology that help moderate emissions, turndown, and other key aspects of your boiler’s day-to-day performance. When you consider these kinds of advantages over traditional boilers, it’s no wonder that packaged boiler models are quickly gaining ground.

Learn More About Package Boiler Models

Your boiler service technician can perform some tests, including a stack analysis, to find out if your equipment is really working as hard as it needs to. Based on these tests, your technician may recommend a new unit. Our experienced staff members at Manley’s Boiler are knowledgeable about all of the major boiler brands on the market and can delve into possible options for a package boiler. We have decades of customer service experience under our belts and we’re here for any and all questions you might have about boiler purchases, leases, and repairs.