Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Boilers


Boilers are considered the most effective source of large scale heating in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. While many businesses rely on boilers for their heating needs, most of them don’t think about potential shutdowns and emergencies.

Whether you have the best high efficiency gas boiler or a fuel steam boiler, it’s best to be well prepared long before something unexpected happens; this is where temporary boilers come in to offer rapid heating or steam solutions.

What’s a Temporary Boiler?

Temporary boilers are boiler heating systems that are brought in for short-term use, ranging from a few days to several months. They’re powered by natural gas, fuel oil, or propane, and are usually built into shipping containers or portable platforms to ensure easy transport and on-site fitting. Most of these systems are usually brought in as rentals or leases for heating needs in large facilities or structures on short or virtually no notice. They can also be installed as backup options in case of primary system failure, with automatic boiler lead lag control.

Temporary boilers are a perfect solution for HVAC emergencies and can be implemented on-site with very little preparation. These boilers come pre-packaged to stand in for existing boilers that are either taken offline for testing and planned maintenance or to serve as the primary heating source in temporary work sites during natural disasters or in emergency sites. Anywhere you need immediate heating needs, no matter how long, temporary fuel-based—the best high efficiency gas boiler systems—are your best option.

Uses of a Temporary Boiler

Switch Out a Boiler for Maintenance

If you’re taking your boiler offline for maintenance, it can cause major problems if you have ongoing heating needs. For instance, even with planned maintenance during the summer, any delays or unexpected outcomes could leave you in the cold with no reliable heating source. Temporary boilers offer you a solution for your heating needs before maintenance is completed.

Switch Out a Broken Boiler for Replacement


When your primary boiler or hot water heater breaks down, you’re going to need an emergency heating option. Temporary boilers offer a quick short-term replacement, especially if you have been using an old boiler that just broke down during high peak usage.

Temporary Use in Buildings and During Emergencies

If you’re operating business is in a facility temporarily, you may have no plans to invest in permanent boilers. Temporary boilers can easily meet your heating needs on a rental or lease basis, saving you money in the process.

Deal with Energy Overflow

If your best high efficiency gas boiler is experiencing overflow problems, you are likely going to face some system downtime as you fix the problem and do some part replacements. Whether you’re dealing with energy overflow or boiler tank overflow, a temporary boiler covers your heating needs.

There are other instances where temporary boilers offer a more reliable solution over permanent boilers, especially for short-term use. Businesses and other organizations routinely rent or lease the best high efficiency gas boilers for practical reasons like getting through the winter.

Benefits of Renting or Leasing a Temporary Boiler

  • Renting a temporary boiler helps minimize downtime.
  • It ensures no loss of service if facilities are relying on your heating system.
  • With capabilities like boiler lead lag control, there are no worries about shutdown.
  • If you’re switching boilers, temporary heating systems ensure seamless transition.
  • Temporary boilers come tailored to fit your space and provide the power needed.

Types of Rental Boilers

The rental boiler industry has come a long way, solving both short-term and long-term emergency heating and steam needs. Today, you can find the best high efficiency gas boiler rentals, ranging from the smallest residential boilers to the largest industrial superheated steam boilers. Most of these boilers come assembled, pre-piped and wired for immediate installation and startup. Here are some common types of rental boilers.    

Package Boiler


A package boiler, also known as an industrial boiler, is a stand-alone system that derives its energy from an integrated high efficiency burner that’s fueled by either gas or oil. They are usually factory-made and come in as a whole assembly with different standard designs. These types of boilers are used to generate large steam output for industrial and chemical processes, or for small power generation.

Due to their compact design and ability to fit in tight spaces, the best high efficiency gas boiler rentals in the market are a popular option for many industrial plants with high steam output and heating needs. Package boilers can be used as a supplement to alternative power, heat, or steam supply, as a peak load boiler, or as an emergency power generator that kicks in when other supplies fail.

Trailer Mounted

Trailer mounted boilers are full capacity boilers that are specifically designed to operate outdoors. They are securely mounted on a trailer and can easily be shipped to any location by trailer or truck. Since they’re essentially self-contained, they only require utilities, steam, and blowdown connections to start operating. There are specific types of trailer boilers available.

  1. Firetube Steam

Enclosed trailer-mounted firetube steam boilers are very popular for rentals. Fire from hot gases is passed through one or more tubes to heat water and create steam for commercial or industrial purposes. They’re available in various sizes and are fully operational with feedwater systems, blowdown separators, all internal piping completed, boiler lead lag control, stub stacks, and steam header valves.

They are designed to be installed quickly and inexpensively in order to reduce downtime.

      2. Watertube Steam

Trailer-mounted watertube boilers provide reliable and quick steam for high volume and high pressure steam needs. They also come fully serviced, setup on specially built trailers and ready to serve your emergency heating and steam needs. Water tube systems are among the best high efficiency gas boilers and are a simple rental solution.

      3.  Mobile Steam Plants

A mobile steam plant is a transportable source of steam for heating and other technological purposes. It comes completely fitted as a unit with all machinery and auxiliary components you would expect in a facility or field erected boiler, from feed tanks, controls, blowdown, I/O connections, and a water treatment plant to system protection.

They offer a practical solution at a fraction of the cost and space when you’re facing unexpected downtime or temporary heating requirements.


Renting the best high efficiency gas boiler for temporary use when you have an emergency outage due to a natural disaster or when you need to do repair and maintenance work on your primary boiler is necessary. If you’re renting a boiler for the first time, there are a few things you need to know about insurance, freight, and local permits. Here’s what you should know about insurance.

When it comes to renting temporary boilers, it’s important that you budget for insurance costs. This is vital in case the rental boiler gets damaged or needs repair work when in use on your property. However, it’s wise to find out if the rental company provides insurance coverage for rentals. Some companies do offer protection, so make sure that you have clarified. You can also consult your company’s insurer to see if they cover rental equipment like boilers in their general liability policy.


a-steam-hot-water-truck.jpgWhen it comes to the transportation of temporary rental boilers and auxiliaries like feedwater regulators and boiler lead lag control systems, you need to ask the right questions. Ask how transport is arranged and get clear answers to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises.

Do they offer full service transport and installation?

The best high efficiency gas boiler rental companies will arrange and provide you with full service transport services using specially designed trailers or trucks to your facility or site. They also ensure that licensed and certified experts do installation and start-up of the temporary boiler.

Who pays the transport costs?

You’ll have to pay for transport costs. Ensure that a shipping cost estimate is provided for your specific temporary rental boiler. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay for loading and unloading costs

How will it be delivered?

It’s important to ask how exactly they will deliver your rental boiler. Delivery on a flatbed trailer is the best option as you’ll not have to worry about loading or unloading. It’s important to ensure an inspection of both the rental boiler and trailer or shipping truck are safe for transport.

Permits and Laws

Apply for a Permit

Whether you’re renting a mobile steam boiler that sits on a truck or a temporary package boiler to fit inside your industrial facility, you’ll have to apply for a permit to operate the boiler on your property. While not all states may require permits for temporary boilers, some carry strict laws on temporary boiler rentals.

Provide Information

To avoid any potential legal problems, get as much information as you can about your rental company and the specific details of the best high efficiency gas boiler you’re renting and then contact the local municipal government about getting a permit. Provide details like where the boiler will be installed and installers to start the boiler on your application forms.  

Length of Operation

State laws may vary on how long you can operate a temporary boiler on your property or site. For instance, some states prohibit the operation of temporary boilers for more than 180 days. If you need to extend operations or install additional capabilities like boiler lead lag control, you must know the rules for filing for an extension.

Follow City Laws About Emissions

With growing focus on the sustainability of boiler systems and their impact on the environment, it’s important that you understand your city’s laws on emissions. Expect your rental boiler company to provide specific emissions data from the boiler manufacturer. Once you have installed the boiler, you’ll be expected to submit emissions data to local authorities.

Meeting Your Temporary Boiler Rental Needs


There are plenty of reasons why a commercial property or industrial facility would need the best high efficiency gas boiler rental. In many cases, rental boilers offer a quick temporary solution when faced with some kind of emergency, system malfunction, or boiler shutdown. Installing a rental boiler significantly reduces downtime and is a cost effective option when your budget is tight to afford a boiler replacement.

At Manley’s Boiler, Inc., we can quickly get you back into full operation and maximum output with one of our boiler rental options. Our professionals consult with you to understand your needs and recommend the best rental equipment. Need a rental boiler today? Call us now!