Easy Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Business This Summer


easily improveLarge companies are constantly striving to make their work spaces greener, more efficient, and as cost effective as possible. Since undertaking a major overhaul of your office or building with a massive construction project is typically not an option, the boiler replacement service professionals at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. would like to provide you with some alternative, yet highly effective, ways to improve your operation’s efficiency this summer. Whether you run a hotel, a hospital, or a refinery, there are always improvements you can make to your facility. In addition to making improvements to your heating system, we encourage you to invest in small improvements that can save on cost and energy. Read on to discover both professional strategies, as well as easy tips, for boosting business and building efficiency.easily improve 1


Insulation is one of the most fundamental ways to create a financially and energy efficient business. Up to 50% of the heat that your boiler generates can be lost through the walls and roof of your building. Additionally, any gaps in windows and doors that open to the outdoors will cause energy loss. When the HVAC system in a building seems ineffective, many may assume that the heating system is malfunctioning-in fact, it is often the insulation that needs supplementary repair. Insulating your building is a cost effective strategy that retains your company’s hot and cold air throughout the year.

The first thing that you can do, is check every door and window for subtle openings, and seal all of the cracks you do find with weatherstrip seal. If construction is possible in your building, creating an entrance hall will help keep the cool air inside. You can also insulate your building with glass mineral wool.

This material is the most widely used type of insulation, as it is both inexpensive, as well as useful for trapping cold air and heat. Glass mineral wool is sustainable and it is made from recycled glass, making it an environmentally friendly option as well. Though insulation costs may vary with the size of the building, implementing glass mineral wool insulation is something that can be accomplished within a few days, and will help save energy for many years.

During the summer, proper insulation in your walls, windows, doors, and roofs will lead to a drastic change in your monthly cooling and heating costs. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can get a building energy audit. With infrared imaging, it’s easy to see exactly where your heat or cold air is escaping.easily improve 2

Boiler Upgrades

As boiler replacement service technicians, the expert team at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is well-versed in all of the equipment upgrades and replacements that make a difference in your building’s energy consumption. There are many reasons to upgrade a boiler, such as quieter operation, less greenhouse gas emissions, and increased reliability. Cutting fuel costs with a high-efficiency boiler can save a business a lot of money as well.

Although boilers are complex systems that require many parts to function properly, a few simple upgrades to your unit can positively impact your boiler’s performance. You can insulate your boiler to minimize heat loss, or install a boiler economizer to transfer wasted heat to the feedwater. Replacing the valves and gaskets, and installing boiler controls, are a few budget friendly investments that help to regulate your heating system.easily improve 3The Importance of Safety Valves for Boiler Systems

If you’re unsure about the efficacy of your boiler’s safety valve, consult with a professional boiler replacement service for an assessment. Safety valves monitor changes within a boiler, including fluid imbalances, cooling system and heat exchanger tube failures, pressure surges, and ambient temperature changes, as many of these changes can lead to dangerous conditions.

Ambient temperature changes in particular occur most often during the spring and summer seasons. The temperature of the air that enters the boiler for combustion can affect the net stack temperature, or the difference between the ambient and flue gas temperatures. For every major shift in ambient temperature, the efficiency of a boiler is affected by at least 1%.

If the efficiency of your system isn’t a factor in your decision to upgrade your boiler, the safety of your employees and your building should be. Since the safety valve moderates the pressure of your boiler, an improperly functioning valve could quickly turn boiling water into steam. This transformation constitutes an incredible amount of power, since the volume of water expands by up to 1,600 times its original volume when it evaporates into steam. This rapid conversion is what causes many boiler explosions. Pressure build-up, and its subsequent explosion, constitute one of the major dangers of old, broken, or poorly modified safety valves.easily improve 4Boiler Codes and Safety Valves Replacement

All boilers need to operate in accordance with a variety of ordinances and codes, including the compliances set by ASME, API, OSHA, and individual state codes. Your boiler replacement service professional will be able to inform you as to whether or not your equipment is compliant across all of the ordinances and codes.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal organization that is a sub-sect of the U.S. Department of Labor. OSHA’s responsibility is to ensure safe working conditions for all. Working within that role, they fund studies, and create fire safety plans, chemical regulations, and other informational documents pertaining to boiler safety. Similarly, the experts at the American Petroleum Institute, or API, are often in charge of creating inspection forms and codes.

The oldest conglomerate that regulates boiler safety is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, better known as ASME. They have worked to perfect the safety standards applicable to boilers and other industrial machines since 1880.

If you are in the state of California and are looking for help with valve replacements, Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is familiar with all the codes and regulations created by these institutions. We can advise you on which boiler control valve you need, based on our knowledge of safety laws, as well as other factors such as output and age.easily improve 5Gasket Upgrades for Better Performance

If your business is in a large building with high heat needs, it may be helpful to replace your gaskets preemptively to avoid any issues that may occur due to regular wear and tear. Leaking or faulty gaskets can cause major, system-wide issues and a significant loss to your boiler output. Fireside gasket replacement kits are essential to keeping your gaskets in good shape-and summer is the perfect time to replace your boiler gaskets.

These kits and gaskets are specific to the type of boiler you have, but will include all of the essential pieces to switch out worn out gaskets from winter. Generally, each kit will include a tadpole head gasket, a burner drawer gasket, a burner housing to head gasket, a tadpole burner to housing inner door, a tadpole tape for the front baffle, and a rope for the rear baffle. The boiler replacement service technicians at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. recommend annual gasket replacements in order to stay ahead on your boiler maintenance and prevent any major issues.

Take a look at the gasket kits on our website to find out more about the supplies you need to keep your gaskets in good shape.easily impove 6Replacing Older Boilers

If your operations are in an older building with a dated heating system, you may want to plan and budget for replacing your boiler. While new boilers can be costly initially, a newer, greener boiler will save you money in the long term.

Boilers are rated based on their fuel efficiency, or what is known as AFUE. AFUE stands for Average Fuel Usage Efficiency and stands for the percentage of fuel translated into useable energy for your company. If you have an older system-one that is 15 to 20 years old—your boiler AFUE is likely close to 70. This means that 30% of the fuel is lost through exhaust.

Newer boilers are held to a different standard by the government than their older counterparts, and must have an AFUE of 85 or greater, but some newer boilers boast an AFUE of 95. That could mean a huge savings in terms of fuel usage and costs. If you’re already spending money on boiler repairs, it could be worthwhile to investigate a replacement boiler. A boiler replacement service can help you calculate the cost of a replacement. They can also work with your budget to determine whether you should upgrade your older boiler with a newer model, or continue to make smaller adjustments and improvements to your existing boiler.easily improve 7LED Lighting: A Modern Lighting Source

You can also try transitioning the lighting in your building to save on energy costs and maximize the efficiency of your business. The first step is utilizing the natural light from windows. Take advantage of the sun and reorganize your office to open up work areas and improve the space plan. An added benefit of sunlight is the improved mood and focus of everyone in your building, as sunlight increases the amount of serotonin in the brain.

Once you’ve optimized your office for sunlight, you can make other changes with regard to the lighting of your building, such as switching from fluorescent or incandescent bulbs to LED lights. LED lighting is the most advanced light bulb option on the market. It’s also the greenest choice available for illuminating your office aside from natural light. Benefits of LED lighting include increased efficiency, bulb lifespan, and safety.

A light bulb’s efficiency ratio is measured in terms of lumens, or output, versus bulb wattage. LED lights offer an efficiency ratio that is double that of standard light bulbs. LED lights derive major energy savings from this increased efficiency and use 90% less power than do fluorescent light bulbs.

The long life of LED bulbs is another benefit. The average LED bulb has a life expectancy of 25,000 to 40,000 hours, which is double the lifespan of standard fluorescent light bulbs and five times the lifespan of incandescent bulbs.

Beyond their efficiency and long lifespan, LED lights are generally safer for use than are incandescent and fluorescent alternatives. There is no risk of UV light exposure with LED bulbs, and they illuminate without generating heat, which can prevent overheating and shattering bulbs. Their construction also makes them much stronger and significantly more resistant to shattering, vibrations, among other issues, unlike incandescent bulbs, which are prone to overheating, breaking, and popping.easily improve 8Your Partners in Energy Efficiency

There are a myriad of approachable, affordable ways to outfit your business for better energy efficiency. While boilers and heating systems are an important opportunity to create increased energy efficiency, there are many other ways to improve your building in order to make it greener and cheaper to maintain.

Our team at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is comprised of technicians with decades of boiler replacement service and boiler installation experience. They are familiar the most intimate details and obscure parts of your heating system. Call our knowledgeable representatives for more information on how to evaluate your boiler system’s efficiency and to learn about other options for creating a highly efficient heating system.