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Scour the internet for anything about Dixon Boilers, from technical manuals to a history of the company, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything beyond the fact that the company shut down years ago. But great news is that Manley’s Boiler has Dixon Boiler technical manuals and decades of experience on our team to repair a Dixon boiler or maintain your boiler to keep them running in the best condition possible. We also often replace Dixon boilers with new boiler models that are comparable to meet and exceed any need you’d have.

Previously a division of Boiler Technologies Group Inc, Dixon Boiler was founded in 1928 by Troy Dixon. This boiler manufacturer was focused on providing high efficiency boilers that performed well in real world conditions and would last a long time – something we’ve seen to be very true with the age of well performing Dixon Boilers throughout southern California boiler rooms. It’s common to see a Dixon that lasts for more than 40 years since install, but depends upon historic use and maintenance throughout the life of the entire boiler system.

Another interesting part of Dixon Boiler was that they also manufactured locomotives, from hobby size to full scale, with expert attention to detail, classic colors, and antique design.

Dixon Boiler locomotive

Dixon Boiler locomotive

The two primary lines of Dixon boilers were the SK and DB boilers, both two pass horizontal firetube boilers with an integral furnace. Dixon SK boilers ranged from 30HP to 260HP with 2” tubes, while Dixon DB boilers ranged from 300HP to 750HP using 2 ½” tubes.

Common Dixon Boiler Models

Dixon SK-3L, Dixon SK-4L, Dixon SK-5L, Dixon SK-6, Dixon SK-7, Dixon SK-8, Dixon SK-9, Dixon SK-10, Dixon SK-10L, Dixon DB-5, Dixon DB-6, Dixon DB-7, Dixon DB-8, Dixon DB-9, Dixon DB-10.

Dixon Boiler features

Why we like Dixon Boilers

When designing their boilers, Dixon Boiler used commonly available materials, so repairs aren’t delayed or priced excessively high by a manufacturer controlling custom parts like Cleaver Brooks or Fulton. Maintenance on a Dixon boiler typically isn’t an extensive project unless access is difficult and when it’s time for a replacement there are similarly available boilers that limit the number of extensive system changes.

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