Commercial Boilers: Should You Buy or Rent?

commercial boiler rental in CaliforniaCommercial and industrial boilers are an important appliance for any company. Sometimes this can pose problematic questions: Is it better to rent a boiler from another company, or to purchase your own? Is it better to purchase a new boiler or a used one? Is one option safer than the other?

While the decision is ultimately up to you, the professionals at Manley’s Boiler highly encourage companies to rent their commercial boilers. Our family owned business knows boilers. Since we started in 1986, our team of dedicated professionals have experienced a wide range of issues regarding commercial boiler disruptions and repairs. When people look for commercial boiler repair in CA, they look to Manley’s. Such experience in the field of boiler operation and repair has given us the insight to suggest the reasons why your company should rent a commercial boiler.

  1. Convenient and Simple Boiler Repairs: Rental commercial boilers can be shipped and installed at a moment’s notice. Should any unexpected malfunctions arise, a team of professionals is ready to provide assistance, repairs, and replacement boilers. By renting a boiler, you save your company a great deal of stress in boiler repairs.
  2. Enormous Flexibility: Purchasing a boiler demands a high level of commitment. By renting a boiler, you allow your company lots of room for flexibility. While building or purchasing a commercial boiler can require an extreme level of effort, renting is simple. You’re in charge of deciding whether or not you want a short-term or long-term boiler. You get to decide what works best for your business. In the unexpected world of economics, renting allows for the breathing room to keep your company in tip-top shape.
  3. Helps Navigate Through Emergencies: While necessary, boilers can be finicky appliances. The unexpected nature of a commercial boiler can lead to dangerous malfunctions. Should an emergency arise, you’ll want a replacement boiler as soon as possible. These replacements are far easier and more efficient when dealing with a rental boiler.

Overall, renting a boiler provides a company a great deal of ease and flexibility. Renting a boiler can help prevent any stressful situations, save money, and allow for quick and easy replacements.


When it comes to selecting a company for commercial boiler rental in California, Manley’s is here to help. Manley’s Boiler provides high-quality boiler rental services. Our rental boilers are portable and safe, and we strive to make installation and repairs efficient for our clients. We offer both steam boilers ranging from 30hp to 400hp and hot water boilers. Need a larger boiler? We can get it, just ask. Plus, with 24/7 delivery and support, renting a boiler has never been more simple.

For more information on our commercial boiler rentals, visit our services page. We’re excited to provide your company with safe and reliable boiler repair services.