COVID-19 Boiler Rental & Service

Manley’s Boiler Continues to Serve During COVID-19 Manley’s Boiler understands the intense pressure on essential businesses to maintain 100% uptime and are here to support you through this pandemic. As the boiler industry is an essential business, we are adapting the ever changing situation along with other essential services. We are proud to offer 24/7….

The History of Steam Power in America

Few innovations have had as significant of an impact on our culture like the establishment of steam power. Developed slowly over several hundreds of years, it has grown from large and expensive devices into smaller and more practical pieces of equipment that help shaped the United States. To truly appreciate how life was changed by….

What FEMP Means for Your Business

What FEMP Means for Your Business If your business relies on boiler systems, then reducing energy, cutting costs, and increasing operational efficiency are basic business principles that are critical to business success. That’s what makes the trend towards more efficient boilers a smart choice for boiler operators. While businesses have been taking the necessary steps….

Modifying Steam Boilers for Large Healthcare Facilities

Need immediate consultation regarding your boiler? Call 562-427-3144 or Contact Us – 24/7 we’re available. As a top California boiler company, Manley’s Boiler works across several hospital facilities in California, from regular maintenance to emergency boiler repairs. Hospital Boilers Hospitals and healthcare buildings traditionally have one of the highest energy demands for both heat and….

The Evolution of Industrial Gas and Boiler Burner Systems

Boiler burners are the central functional element of effective combustion system design, which includes air-fuel distribution, fuel preparation, combustion control, and furnace design. The evolution of industrial gas and boiler burners has seen numerous changes over the last 50 years, leading to more efficient and sustainable boiler systems. Through new boiler technology, significant progress has….

Estimating the Savings of Burner Upgrades

A large number of industrial and commercial boilers used today have been in operation for more than 20 years. If your boiler package has been in place for 20 years, it’s most likely operating at 60-70% efficiency, using large amounts of fuel as well as costing you a lot of money to keep it running….

Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Boilers

Boilers are considered the most effective source of large scale heating in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. While many businesses rely on boilers for their heating needs, most of them don’t think about potential shutdowns and emergencies. Whether you have the best high efficiency gas boiler or a fuel steam boiler, it’s best to be….

How to Find the Most Efficient Boiler for Your Needs

A third of an industrial facility’s energy bill can be directly attributed to its boiler room operations. Whether you’re using a temporary hot water heater system or a dedicated industrial boiler, any system inefficiencies can lead to higher energy costs. To achieve maximum efficiency, increase energy savings, and reduce emissions and operational costs in boiler….

To Rent or to Buy: The Best Boiler Option for You

An industrial boiler represents a significant investment for you and your company. Your choice of boilers can have a big effect on your company’s productivity levels, fuel usage, operating levels, and even workplace safety. It is essential that you’ve examined the potential pros and cons of steam versus hot water boilers, green versus traditional models,….

5 Little Known Boiler Facts

  At Manley’s Boiler, we know that our jobs don’t end once we install a boiler or make a repair. Although those tasks are an important part of our work, another one of our roles is to continue to educate our clients on boiler innovations, boiler facts, and boiler repair. With that goal in mind,….