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Dixon Boiler Works

Need your Dixon boiler service now? Have a boiler emergency? Call 562-427-3144 for 24/7 service. Scour the internet for anything about Dixon Boilers, from technical manuals to a history of the company, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything beyond the fact that the company shut down years ago. But great news is that….

How to Replace Your Boiler Refractory Materials

Refractories are a vital component in boilers and furnaces, as they serve as a protective lining against the destructive processes of heat, abrasion, and corrosion inside your boiler’s combustion chamber. Installing the right boiler refractory materials in industrial and commercial boilers plays a critical role in the efficient and safe operation of your system. Read….

Understanding Boiler Refractory Installation and Startup

Need refractory repair, inspection, or advice on maintenance? Give us a call at 562-427-3144 to chat with an expert. Also take a look at our refractory services for more information. Have a repair you need us to take a look at? Go to the Contact Us page and submit a request and photo for a rapid….

The Components of an Efficient Boiler

When it comes to running a business or large industrial facility, efficient boilers will save you money and time. Due to ever-improving technology and engineering, there are many great, efficient boiler options on the market that are still tough enough to get the job done. A truly efficient combustion process is the result of combining….

What to Look for in Eco-Friendly Boilers

With major advancements in boiler engineering and technology, we are enjoying a great period of environmentally-friendly boilers that help reduce energy expenditures while maintaining a consistent output. If you have been running the same piece of equipment for a long period of time, it may very well be less expensive for you to purchase one….

3 Reasons Why Emergency Boiler Repair Is a Must for Any Business

It can be tempting to put off boiler repairs or ignore issues with your industrial boiler in order to save time and expense. However, boilers are incredibly powerful pieces of equipment, which also means they can be very dangerous when they are not operating correctly. Don’t hesitate to make the call when you have a….

How to Prevent Your Boiler from Freezing Up

A frozen boiler means you’ve got a big problem on your hands—if your boiler equipment freezes, you can expect a shutdown and significant loss of productivity. Winter can be tough on your boiler system, but it doesn’t have to lead to expensive repairs or lost time. The experts at Manley’s Boiler weigh in on what….

Must-Have Control Systems for Your Boiler

There is more to operating a boiler than simply keeping it firing. With new developments in technology, you can have more information and control over your boiler than ever before. Boiler controls provide an extra level of safety and reassurance: they allow you to understand your boiler’s daily operations better, as well as perform the….

How to Eliminate Boiler Problems During the Winter

Your industrial boiler does not have a consistent workload throughout the year, and the demands you make on it change over the course of seasons. Different levels of output place multiple stresses on your boiler. For the most part, your equipment is designed to handle these stresses and fluctuations; however, there are actions you can….