Breaking It Down: Key Facts About Industrial Steam Boilers

As their name implies, steam boilers produce and collect steam that is then released for heating or for energy in industrial and commercial settings. A fair amount of the industrial steam boilers in use and on the market today fall under the category of high pressure boilers. A high pressure boiler builds up steam in an enclosed space or vessel until it becomes pressurized and the energy it has generated is released. Unless they are being manufactured for specialized use, steam boilers have a fairly straightforward set of components. There is the container where the steam is generated and housed before its release, the heating source (which may be gas or electric), and a valve to release the steam. Steam boiler valves are designed to direct and release pressure as appropriate during normal operations, as well as during emergencies, when too much pent-up steam could potentially cause an explosion. Industrial steam boilers are typically constructed out of steel, which can withstand the high heat and pressure that is generated by the system.

Why You Should Consider a Steam Boiler

Industrial steam boilers offer flexibility and power, two qualities that make them an ideal solution for a business, commercial setting, or industrial facility. They can use a variety of fuels to heat the water that is converted to steam, including natural gas and other fossil fuels, coal, and electricity. They allow you and your business to determine the most economical and environmentally-friendly option depending on your company’s budget, legal emissions regulations, and your priorities. Safety is also a consideration when choosing any kind of industrial-grade equipment that will be used by your business and its employees. Industrial steam boilers manufactured today feature important safety valves and functions that will help protect you and your team in the case of an emergency or malfunction.

Steam Boiler Metrics You Should Know

Before investing in a steam boiler, there are some key criteria you can assess to find out if your potential boiler purchase or rental will work for your facility. Gross output rating, steam per square foot, and steam MBH are all factors you should consider when examining a boiler’s output and power. To judge whether a steam boiler is efficient enough, look at a boiler’s thermal efficiency and combustion efficiency to make sure that the equipment’s operations are up to par. Still have questions? Give the team at Manley’s Boiler a call. We’re professionals with decades of experience in the field and we’ll make sure your needs are met.