Industrial Boilers

We have decades of experience installing, repairing, and renting commercial and industrial boilers in California and we want to use our expertise to help you find the boiler that meets your needs.

We offer the top boiler brands on the market and are experts in installing all kinds of equipment. We have preferred pricing across a variety of boiler brands and can install, maintain, and repair any make/model of boiler in California.

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Fulton Boiler

  Fulton Boiler solutions cover both Steam and Condensing Hot Water boilers. The vertical steam boilers provide a small footprint, competitively priced solution. Need parts, service, or repair to your Fulton now? Call us at 562-427-3144. The steam boilers go up to 250HP, with the most recent innovation of the Fulton VSRT – Vertical Spiral….

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Superior Boiler

The most common Superior Boiler we see is the Mohawk. The Mohawk 3-Pass dryback Scotch Marine firetube boiler is available in pressures from 15-300 psi steam and 30-160 psi hot water with sizes from 30-1,000 BHP.  

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McKenna Boiler

McKenna Boiler Providing skid-mounted low NOx boilers manufactured in California and easy to maintain/repair, McKenna Boiler is among our favorite brands. McKenna Boiler has models from 5 to 150BHP, with pressures ranging from 15 to 150 PSI. Their standard model is a two pass, dry-back horizontal firetube boiler. The design is great for future maintenance,….

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Parker Boilers

We come across Parker Boilers every few days in California – a very common system, reasonably priced, and straightforward to inspect and repair. Parker Boiler offers both hot water and steam options, from 1.5 HP to 150 HP. The simplicity of the design provides ease of maintenance and water tube boilers tend to be safer…..

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Cain Industries is an industry leader focused on engineering.

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Raypak Boiler

Raypak Boiler 24/7 service and support in SoCal. 15+ year factory trained technicians on-call. Trucks stocked with relevant parts. Rentals available now.

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Rental BoilerBrowse Our Vast Inventory

If you’re looking for a powerful, high capacity boiler to meet your demands, Manley’s Boiler has you covered. Some of our top boiler brands include boilers from Miura’s LX series, Williams & Davis Boilers, Lattner, and Superior Boiler Works. We have something for everyone, whether your priorities are super-solid construction, like the Mohican from Superior Boiler Works, or reducing emissions and maintaining top efficiency, as with the Miura LX series. Not sure which is best for your needs? We’ll help you determine the right boiler for you.