Boiler Services: 3 Benefits of Installing Burner Retrofits

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Commercial and industrial boilers are built to last, but once they reach the age of 20 years or beyond, they start to suffer in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and cost. Most boilers over 20 years old are, in fact, only 60-70% efficient. Rather than spending $100,000 on a new boiler, many owners find boiler services, such as burner retrofits, a much more affordable and practical option. With the right burner adjustments and upgrades, a commercial or industrial boiler can make significant improvements in efficiency, environmental friendliness, and cost.

Increased Operating Efficiency

As burners age, they tend to lose their ability to maintain the proper air-to-fuel ratio due to the deterioration of their parts. This often results in wasted fuel, unnecessary burn cycles, and higher power bills without the proper boiler services. The new burners available for retrofit offer a higher turndown capability for fewer burn cycles, lower excess air requirements, and advanced controls that allow the user greater precision in determining how the boiler will run. They also improve the general operating smoothness of the boiler as a whole, reducing the need for maintenance and repair. By giving the boiler operator greater control, these new models can go a long way toward eliminating wasted fuel, power, time, and money.

Environmental Friendliness

With each new discovery in technology and earth science comes a greater, widespread understanding of how companies and industries across the board can best meet their environmental responsibilities. This does leave older equipment far behind in meeting regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations. Fortunately, boiler services, especially burner retrofits, can make significant improvements in terms of eco-friendliness. For example, a newer model with a higher turndown capability will significantly reduce a boiler’s burn cycles, reducing wasted fuel, heat, and power. More precise controls utilizing parallel positioning and Oxygen trim systems make adjustments to account for variable environmental factors, ensuring optimal combustion regardless of circumstance.

Lower Fuel Costs

It is no secret that minimizing waste will save a company or organization considerable revenue, making a significant contribution to the overall bottom line. Optimizing boiler performance with burner retrofits has proven a significant example, with upgrades yielding energy savings between 15-20 percent and fuel savings of 15-30 percent. Even a single modification, such as implementing parallel positioning controls, can reduce fuel consumption by up to five percent. Boiler services such as installing a variable speed drive to optimize firing rates will usually pay for themselves within two years with the fuel costs saved as a result.

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Making a Worthy Investment

Once a company or organization has decided to move forward with burner retrofits, it is crucial to ensure that the work is done properly. Finding a highly recommended service provider with a solid reputation will go a long way toward making sure you optimize the resulting benefits for as long as possible. For those seeking commercial boiler service in California, Manley’s Boiler stands as a reliable, trustworthy option. Visit our website for details, and contact us for a consultation and estimate.