AQMD Boiler Standards

AQMD Standards – Boilers

The South Coast Air Quality Management District, or AQMD, is an air pollution control agency in California. They were established by the Clean Air Act, a federal act by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that created air quality standards for all states to achieve for public health. South Coast AQMD’s primary responsibility is to form rules and standards that are designed to reduce air pollution resulting from several areas, including boilers. The main pollutants that are targeted are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other volatile organic compounds. Manley’s Boiler technicians will ensure that your boiler systems comply with the clean air standards to avoid costly fees and penalties. 

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AQMD Inspections

South Coast AQMD carries out regular inspections to observe facilities with large steam and hot water heaters. The inspectors review equipment and employee practices to ensure that facilities are in line with air quality regulations in the state of California. We will work with inspectors to provide information and help you fall into compliance with their guidelines.


In order to remain within the AQMD regulations, we recommend annual inspection of your boiler systems. During maintenance, our technicians will inspect, adjust, and repair your equipment to ensure that it falls within the standards. We are a C4 Licensed Contractor, meaning that we install, service, and repair every boiler make and model. ONLY licensed boiler contractors are permitted to work on boilers. We also offer 24/7 service and support across Southern California to ensure that your facility has minimal downtime. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and will handle your needs with ease and skill. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does aqmd stand for?
    • AQMD stands for Air Quality Management District. They enforce local air quality regulations. 
  • What does Scaqmd compliant mean?
    • SCAQMD is the South Coast Air Quality Management District. To be compliant means falling within the AQMD rules for air pollutants. To ensure that you are within these standards, our technicians will inspect your equipment and make necessary changes.