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AJAX High & Low Pressure Steam Boilers

If you’ve worked in facilities in Southern California, chances are you’ve run into an AJAX steam boiler. Founded in 1919, AJAX was one of the main boiler manufacturers in Southern California. When the manufacturer closed its doors in 2015, it left behind legacy boilers in the area, creating a challenge for facility managers and engineers who need to maintain their boilers without information or assistance from the boiler manufacturer.AJAX Boiler

At Manley’s Boiler, we’ve been maintaining AJAX boilers for decades and know the ins-and-outs of maintenance, legacy parts procurement, and boiler replacements. Below, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about safely maintaining or replacing your AJAX boiler.   

Maintaining AJAX Boilers

AJAX boilers are easy to identify – both the indoor and outdoor systems are an electric blue and have rectangular, thick gaskets with holes for all the door bolts – almost 100 of them! One of the challenges in maintaining AJAX boilers is dealing with rusted bolts on older boilers, which makes it difficult to remove during annual or emergency service, especially in a hot boiler room. This challenge can be offset through regular maintenance, where corroded parts are replaced annually or repairs are made to the system to offset causes of corrosion.

The great thing about AJAX boilers is that many of the parts that need replacing are common and easy to procure, especially the common tubes if the boiler needs to be retubed. This means that even though AJAX boilers are no longer manufactured, they can still be maintained.

Depending on the goals of your facility, maintaining an AJAX boiler may be the right decision. It all comes down to the budget required to install a new boiler (often in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands), the production needs of the facility, or changes in environmental regulations.

Finding AJAX Boiler Parts

While you can no longer order AJAX boiler parts direct from the manufacturer, Manley’s Boiler keeps AJAX boiler parts and common parts on-hand.

Reasons to Replace an AJAX Boiler

While AJAX boilers can last decades with proper maintenance and service, there are other reasons facility managers may want to replace them in their facilities. The most obvious reason is lack of manufacturer support and that all AJAX models are considered obsolete.

In facilities with pressure to lower operating costs, newer boiler models provide better boiler efficiency that results in fuel savings. Another reason to replace an AJAX boiler is to take advantage of rebates and incentives to install high efficiency boilers.

Since boilers – like all large industrial or commercial assets – eventually need to be replaced, taking advantage of rebates or beginning to realize cost savings are reasons to consider sunsetting your AJAX boiler.

Considerations When Replacing an AJAX Boiler

Replacing a boiler is a serious undertaking, as boilers are the heart of a steam system and critical energy to facilities from hospitals to manufacturers.

The first consideration is that piping connected to an AJAX boiler will likely be different from a new boiler installation, requiring more parts and more labor. This should be accounted for during a walk-through with a boiler service provider to ensure all necessary parts and boilermakers are on-hand for the project.

Another consideration is keeping current and potential AQMD rules in mind in addition to facility goals like reduced costs or optimal up-time. You can find more information on choosing a boiler and boiler installation service providers here.

Common AJAX Boiler Models

AJAX Boiler Model WRN

Common uses for this model include atmospheric, space heating and process manufacturing, with outputs ranting from 120k BTU up to 21MM BTU output. This model weighs up to 18,900 pounds and  has up to 3 stage firing models, depending on the exact model size. The AJAX WRN has common straight boiler tubing, which makes it easier to retube and thus extends the life.

AJAX Boiler Model WRLG

The AJAX WRLG was considered Ultra Low NOx for its time at 12 ppm Premix. With an output capacity of 1.64MM to 5.74MM BTU and 3-inch-thick cast refractory, this model is ideal for space heating and process use.

AJAX Boiler Model WRF

The AJAX WRF is a forced draft boiler with an inclined water tube, ideal for space heating and process use. These also have common straight boiler tubing, making it easy to re-tube.

AJAX Boiler Model DRF

The AJAX DRF is also a forced draft boiler with an inclined water tube design. This model spans a variety of industries – residential and commercial buildings, manufacturing and process plants – which makes it rather unique.

The DRF has a large variance in output capacity, from 200k BTU up to 10.5MM BTU (with the largest unit weighing 32,600 lbs) and leverages power flame burners as standard.

AJAX Boiler Model HRLG

Similar to the WRLG model, this boiler was also considered Ultra Low NOx at the time at 12 ppm Premix.

It has inclined water tubes and is most commonly used for space heating and process use, with capacities up to 7MM BTU.


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