A Guide to Replacing Your Boiler

Replacing a BoilerIn every industrial setting, the moment is inevitableit is time to replace your boiler and invest in something new. Whether you are looking to rent a boiler, purchase one, invest in a new brand, or try out an environmentally-friendly option, you’ll need to know a few key pieces of information before committing your money and time to new equipment. Replacing a boiler can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The service professionals at Manley’s Boiler are happy to share the information you need before purchasing, including the easy tips below.



Important Components for Any Boiler Type

There are many options when it comes to replacing a boiler. This includes hot water versus steam, wetback or dryback, manufacturer, the type of fuel it uses, and more. No matter which type you choose, you’ll want to keep these checklist components in mind:

  • A fan that ensures the delivery of a stable air supply
  • A burner and boiler unit that can provide enough power to run your facility
  • A design with maximum flue gas velocity
  • A strong heating power to boiler surface ratio

If you aren’t used to assessing these kinds of specs, reach out to Manley’s boiler service professionals. They can walk you through each of these checklist items and what they mean in terms of boiler performance.


green field and woodsEco-Friendly Boilers Might Be Right for You

Green boilers are a major up-and-coming trend with major brands putting more emphasis on their efficient boiler models. Replacing a boiler gives you a chance to decrease your fuel cost and keep your emissions low, saving money and resources over time. If those are priorities for you, a green boiler could be an excellent fit for your needs.


Remember Which Controls You Need

Replacing a boiler is also a chance to reassess and fine tune your daily boiler needs. Are certain controls important to your daily operations? Then look for a brand and a boiler that puts an emphasis on intuitive controls that will make your system run safely and efficiently.

Our experts have extensive experience in industrial boiler installation and repair. We’re happy to talk with you in depth about your needs in order to make recommendations regarding the bestts boiler for you. Manley’s Boiler is authorized to represent brands like Miura, Williams & Davis, Cain Industries, and Rayes Boiler. Furthermore, our technicians have experienced insight on many other brands.