4 Qualities Every Healthy Boiler Should Display

technician inspecting a boilerStaying on top of your industrial boiler system is crucial to preventing costly repairs, efficiency loss, and even dangerous conditions in the future. Whether you have an older boiler system that needs frequent check-ins or a newer model that you’re hoping to get the most out of, there are a couple of signs to watch for that will tell you whether or not your boiler is working up to its potential. The team at Manley’s Boiler is here to pass on our best boiler maintenance tips so that you can be sure your equipment is working as hard as you are. Here, we discuss qualities that a healthy boiler should display.


  1. Emissions Are Low

With the changes and enforcement of AQMD protocol in the state of California, it is a legal requirement that you adhere to nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and oxygen output stipulations. However, your boiler’s emissions levels can also be a way to interpret your boiler’s functionality. Emissions are an important aspect of boiler performance, and a healthy boiler should have no problem operating at full output while complying with AQMD standards.


  1.  Fuel Usage Corresponds to Performance

One of our most important boiler maintenance tips has to do with fuel efficiency. In a healthy boiler, your fuel output should correspond to what you are getting out of your boiler. If you find that your fuel usage has spiked over time while generating the same amount of heat, you may have some kind of inefficiency within your system. Leaks, heat loss, and other aspects of your system should be inspected by a professional.


  1. Key Operating Metrics Are Stable

Another one of our key boiler maintenance tips is to keep a boiler log. A boiler log will help you create data on your boiler’s performance so that any changes will be immediately obvious. Metrics like flue gas temperature, water level, feedwater pump operation, gas pressure, and operating temperature should all be noted on a regular basis. Changes in these measures may mean you need a repair.


  1. Good Thermal and Combustion EfficiencyBoiler Maintenance Work

Strong boiler performance is marked by several types of efficiencies. We’ve discussed fuel efficiency, but strong thermal and combustion efficiency are related signs of healthy boiler performance. Boiler maintenance tips for combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency require that you take stock of your fuel to steam ratio, as well as the burner’s ability to burn fuel with little excess air—as low as 15-20%. These ratios and measurements will help you judge just how well your boiler is doing and if there are further opportunities to improve its performance.

Our expert technicians can inspect your equipment and offer even more boiler maintenance tips tailored to your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.