3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Boiler

Manley’s Boiler rents commercial and industrial boilers to major facilities. We work with some of the most trusted boiler brands in the business—after all, we only want our customers to have the best. Most often, you’ll buy a boiler for long-term installations. Because of this, why would a facility choose to rent a boiler? There are many good reasons to rent one—the choice all depends on the needs of your facility and your business. To help you assess your temporary boiler rental options, we’ll take a look at three top reasons to rent a boiler.

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  1. When Time Is Key, Rentals Save the Day

There are plenty of last minute reasons why a facility would need a temporary boiler rental. In many cases, we rent to companies who recently experienced some kind of emergency, malfunction, or boiler shutdown. In these instances, a boiler rental can significantly reduce downtime by getting a replacement system up and running fast. In other instances, you may have some sort of planned shutdown for maintenance or repair but may not want to cut into your productivity if the downtime is going to be more extensive than you’d like. Some industries experience spikes in their heat needs over certain periods of the year, so a boiler rental makes sense for those who want to augment the power and output of their boiler for brief periods of time.


  1.  Temporary Boiler Rental Is Cost Effective

Company budgets can be fickle. If you need to replace a boiler and haven’t been saving for it, then it can be difficult to find resources for a new piece of equipment. A temporary boiler rental is a great way to maintain your output until you decide when to invest in a new boiler. Cost savings can also stem from knowing that you are receiving a fully-functioning piece of equipment with a rental boiler that may be more efficient than your previous boiler, resulting in better fuel economy.


  1. Our Team Can Offer Full Support

renting a boiler

Our team is trained in the most efficient ways to install your boiler. Our job doesn’t stop there. We’ll train you and your staff on operational protocols and make sure you know how to get the most out of your equipment. If you are in need of a temporary boiler rental, the professionals at Manley’s Boiler can quickly get your company back to maximum productivity with one of our boiler rental options. We will take the time to get to know your needs and make recommendations for the best rental equipment. Need service fast? Our technicians offer 24/7 emergency service, including holidays and weekends, so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.