Weishaupt Burners

weishauptWeishaupt is at the forefront of combustion technology. This company undoubtedly stands apart as a true innovator in the field. Relentless reinvention, smart engineering, and cutting-edge research are all hallmarks of Weishaupt’s commitment to creating the best burners in the business. This company’s commitment to cutting-edge equipment is serious. Its research division keeps cranking out amazing designs that help set the standard for how burners perform. All Weishaupt WG burners and Weishaupt burner parts meet low emissions standards, which means you can relax when it comes to compliance with emissions protocols. Manley’s Boiler and Weishaupt have you covered.

This commitment is evident in all Weishaupt burner parts, from digital tools to the compact design of their WG burner. Weishaupt’s unique digital combustion management means that your burner will be easier to use and control, as well as easier to service. Issues can even be diagnosed remotely, should you choose to integrate your system with an eBUS port. This digital technology also allows your burner to be linked to powerful automation systems. Other key parts include a simple to use electronic ignition that provides further energy efficiency and a multicomponent gas multifunction assembly, which helps monitor gas pressure.

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