Webster Burners

websterIf you’re a California company or industrial facility, you need to stay on top of your boiler’s emissions. Not only does this help with efficiency and protect air quality, but it’s also required by law that you abide by standards regarding NOx and other emissions levels. California emissions laws stipulate that your boiler needs to operate at or below a 9 ppm NOx emissions level. One way to achieve that standard? Opt for a low emissions burner like those manufactured by Webster. Webster burners are produced by a trusted name in engineering and manufacturing. They use the latest technology to help you and your company stay within legal emissions limits.

Webster burners, like their HDRMB model, rely on their unique low excess air design and Temp a Trim air density system to pass on energy savings to you. While all burners require excess air to promote safe operations, Webster burners have cut this amount by 20% compared to other burner makes and models, which means that 20% less air needs to be heated. When less air needs to be heated, you’re saving fuel and operating at lower costs, which is always a smart move.

Additional Information

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