Powerflame Burners

Powerflame burnerAre you a commercial or industrial facility looking to replace or upgrade your old burner? Look for an option that uses the latest technology, while also increasing efficiency and safety. What if we told you that there was an option that could also reduce your emissions? That option is a Powerflame burner.

Powerflame’s robust NOVA Plus or NOVA Plus II Combustion burner system marries smart engineering with cost-saving and emissions reducing design to offer you the latest in combustion burner technology. As a bonus, this system is designed for easy maintenance: the micron air filter and total access panel help you keep your equipment in good shape.

How do they do it? By premixing fuel and air, a Powerflame burner creates a combustion process that involves very minimal levels of Carbon Monoxide and hydrocarbons. Plus, the NOVA Plus Combustion burner features an all metallic firing head, which results in consistent performance, all while keeping NOx levels at a minimum. With California emissions standards becoming increasingly more stringent, you can’t afford to overlook these emissions laws and guidelines. Let Manley’s Boiler and Powerflame help you avoid hefty fines and even save money with a more fuel-efficient burner! Get in touch with our team at Manley’s Boiler to talk more about what a Powerflame burner can do for your boiler.

Additional Information

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