Mohican Boilers

mohicanSuperior Boiler Works has been in the boiler business for nearly ninety years: that’s a long time to hone and perfect your boiler technology. The Mohican Boiler from Superior Boiler Works is an example of the company’s serious dedication to top technology and offering the best products for their customers. The Mohican is a four-pass wetback boiler that is durable and reliable, not to mention incredibly efficient. This model’s large furnace and rear turnaround volume allow for complete combustion, providing fantastic power while maintaining the highest standards for quality and safety.

One major advantage of a wetback boiler is that efficiency is easy to maintain, as hot gases can’t short-circuit in a wetback design the way they might in a dryback design. Additionally, the tube sheets, furnace, tubes, and other key components of the Mohican were designed not just to meet ASME code, but to exceed it. With tube sheet thickness that’s at least 25% greater than ASME standards and ¾″ ligament spacing, this model leads the pack when it comes to tube seating surface. What does that mean to you as a customer? Longer equipment life and better results. That’s a product that the professionals at Manley’s Boiler can get behind.

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