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Miura boilers logoBeing in business in the state of California means adhering to strict regulations when it comes to AQMD protocol. In other words, it is absolutely crucial that your company’s boiler meets state emissions standards. The best way to do that? Get a boiler manufactured by a company that is dedicated to low emissions. Miura is one of those companies, and here at Manley’s Boiler, we’re proud to work with them and their top-of-the-line industrial products.

The low NOx series from Miura combines serious technology with extensive expertise to create a line of products that will help your facility save up to twenty percent on energy costs and reduce harmful emissions during operation. These Miura boilers are available in both high and low-pressure steam options. They are designed to be compact and quicker than anything you’ve likely worked with before, producing steam in five minutes. With incredibly impressive in-service efficiency rates, we know you won’t regret investing in Miura boilers to help your company save money while reducing its carbon footprint and operating under legal limits for emissions. You can even maximize your productivity with Miura’s BL Micro Controller, which will help monitor the performance of your equipment and enhance control with an easy-to-use interface.

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