Lochinvar Boiler

Lochinvar Boiler

24/7 Lochinvar Boiler Service and Support

Need Lochinvar Boiler Service/Troubleshooting? We have several trained technicians with 15+ years of experience each, on call 24/7. Call 562-427-3144.

Need parts fast? We carry an extensive inventory of Lochinvar parts.

Need a hot water boiler install or rental? No problem, we have a fleet of rentals available within hours and install/replace Lochinvar boilers regularly.

Lochinvar Copper Fin II

The Lochinvar Copper Fin II has 85% thermal efficiency and comes in 9 models, from 400,000 – 2,070,000 Btu/hr. Model numbers are CF-2072, CF-1802, CF-1442, CF-1262, CF-0992, CF-0752, CF-0652, CF-0502, and CF-0402.

This is the most common Lochinvar boiler we work on, but other models we carry parts for and service regularly include:

Lochinvar Outdoor Knight Boiler

Lochinvar Copper Fin Boiler

Lochinvar Power Fin Boiler