Lattner Boilers

lattnerWhen you’re operating a large commercial or industrial space, you know that you need reliable, high capacity equipment to support your daily operations. Your industrial boiler is surely no exception, which is why Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is proud to offer Lattner boilers among the products, parts, and services that make up our business. When it comes to providing serious power, it’s tough to beat Lattner’s WLF IV series, which is comprised of eight sizes of tubeless vertical boilers that keep cranking the heat to meet your needs.

Lattner has been making quality boilers since 1918 and has built a strong reputation as a leader in the industrial and commercial boiler field. The benefits of Lattner boilers are plenty:

  • The vertical design is incredibly compact and space-saving, which is always a benefit for a business.
  • The burner on the WLF IV series is located front and center on the boiler, which uses the advantage of height to avoid damaging moisture or floor dust.
  • These burners also feature serious insulation, with multiple layers that keep heat in and promote boiler efficiency.
  • When it comes time to service your boiler, you’ll love the easy panel access that makes it easy to read exactly what’s going on with your equipment.

For a variety of quality boilers, explore the selection at Manley’s Boiler today!

Additional Information

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