Johnson Burners

Johnson has produced high quality burners since 1903—that’s over one hundred years spent refining and improving its burner technology. With a focus on building burners for industrial and commercial users, Johnson knows what it takes to meet the needs of a large-scale operation. The new SWRLMatic from Johnson represents their continued commitment to tough, smart equipment that gets the job done right. There are plenty of low emissions and low NOx burners on the market, but this burner stands apart due to several features: there is no flue gas circulation, air filter, or extended mesh firing head. What does that mean to you? That Johnson burners have a unique way to deliver low emissions, and effective, efficient energy without compromising function and capacity.

The Johnson SWRLMatic also harnesses the power of axial air flow, which, when combined with the company’s low NOx technology, means that your boiler is powered by a compact, efficient, and quiet piece of burner equipment. Users will be particularly engaged by this unit’s state of the art controls, which include a touchpad interface, UL listed flame programmer and flame scanner, alarm horn, silencing switch, and more. For quality and innovative design, contact Manley’s to invest in Johnson burners.

Common Burners
ST Johnson NM-V Burner
 – For Natural Gas fuel, 40-200 HP boilers, with a 9 ppm NOx level

ST Johnson NM-A Burner – For Natural Gas or Dual-Fuel, 100-800 HP boilers, with 5-9 ppm NOx level

Additional Information

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