IGB Instatherm Burners

igb-instathermA well-functioning burner is crucial to the safety and efficiency of your boiler. If you’re looking to upgrade your burner for better performance or replace an older, outdated, or malfunctioning burner, the IGB Instatherm burner is a great fit. The IGB Instatherm convection burner is a quality piece of equipment that can be custom-fit to your burner and allows for optimal functionality, minimal emissions, and straightforward installation.

Afraid of buying a convection burner that doesn’t offer the right specs? The IGM Instatherm is incredibly versatile. It is built to meet your requirements. It can handle an input anywhere from 100,000 MBTU/H to 8 million MBTU/H, and reaches a powerful burner temperature of 1800 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit within twenty seconds. This versatile convection burner also works well with natural gas, propane, or industrial gas. The combustion blower unit has been crafted using a technology that promotes a consistent air to gas ratio, thus improving combustion efficiency and promoting greater savings. Its metal fiber mat technology also makes this an incredibly clean burner and boasts a 10 to 12 percent savings in gas due to its effective combustion technology. As always, the team at Manley’s Boiler is here to help with installation or questions. Just give us a call.

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