Honeywell Burners

honeywellThe Maxon OVENPAK LE series from Honeywell offers a new approach for natural gas boilers. A Honeywell burner has long been synonymous with top quality, and the Maxon OVENPAK LE series is absolutely no exception. Its distinguished design is streamlined and compact, making this burner easy to install and simple to operate. The burners that comprise this series are nozzle-mixing gas burners that result in incredibly clean combustion and low turndown.

This Honeywell burner series also offers a solid balanced pressure feature that makes these burners resistant to firing chamber fluctuations, meaning that consistent, efficient performance is guaranteed. Other major benefits of these burners include: they are usable with any clean fuel gas, can operate on low gas supply pressures, have low NOx and CO emissions, and take advantage of high turndown for the highest level of control. Does all this sound good to you? Get in touch with our team at Manley’s Boiler, Inc. to talk to an experienced professional about finding a new burner that is right for your boiler and will fit your needs.

Additional Information

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