Raypak Hi Delta Boilers

hi-deltaRaypak has been making high-quality boilers since 1948, and their latest series represents the culmination of that hard work. The Raypak Hi Delta boiler is in a class of its own when it comes to sealed combustion boilers. This ingenious piece of equipment is designed to be reliable and also highly serviceable, making maintenance and repairs a breeze. How did they do it? The Hi Delta comes equipped with what they call a patented burner “security blanket,” which is a design enhancement that provides optimal air-gas pathways for complete combustion. Add easy, straightforward heat exchanger removal into the mix and you’ve got one of the most user-friendly sealed combustion boilers that we’ve ever seen.

On top of serviceability and smart design, the Raypak Hi Delta series of industrial boilers offers an incredible resource in the form of the On-Board Diagnostic Center. Should your boiler have any kind of issue, this enhancement will communicate any past faults and other key information to your repair technician, which can save precious time in addressing problems and implementing any necessary repairs. Manley’s Boiler is pleased to offer our clients the best in boiler technology, and one of our trained team members will be happy to discuss whether a new Raypak Hi Delta boiler could be right for your facility—just give us a call.

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